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I'm no gun expert, but I think in some states they are legal. As for which ones, you'll have to check. It's just you'll have to jump through a lot of hoops if you want to get an automatic weapon into the country, so always try to buy in the US. Fully automatic guns are legal in MOST states. To purchase one legally, you have to go through a class 3 dealer, fill out a bunch of paperwork, pay a $200 tax, and wait for an approval from the BATF. It normally takes several months, and most fully automatic guns are pretty expensive.

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Are M16 machine guns?

In a way the M16 is a machine gun, but it can also do three round burst and semi automatic. civilians are not allowed to have automatic m16s unless you have an automatic weapons permit, but you can have a semi automatic M16. (an AR-15 is almost like an M16 and much cheaper if you're looking to buy one.)

What guns are used in Iraq?

the Americans mostly use M16s or M4s and M9 pistols

What period of time did guns get illegal?

Depending on where you are, guns are NOT illegal.

Are cap guns illegal in Chicago?

No, cap guns are not illegal in Chicago.

Are semi-automatic guns illegal in Illinois?

It depends on where you live in the state. Check with a local gun shop for the information for your location.

What states are cap guns illegal?

Cap guns are illegal in Rhode Island.

What should HazMat personnel do and NOT do when an incident is suspected of involving criminal or terrorist activity awareness level?

Get mini guns M16s and ump40s

Are automatic guns illegal in America?

There are semiautomatic guns (pull of trigger fires one shot) and fully automatic guns (pulling trigger ONCE fires more than one shot) Semiautomatic guns are legal in almost every place in the US. Fully automatic guns are restricted in a few states, but can be owned in others IF the gun is registered with the Federal BATFE, and a one time $200 tax paid on the transfer of ownership. LEGAL fully automatic guns are VERY expensive, with cost starting at about $2,000, and quickly going up. Guns such as an original Thompson submachinegun may sell for $20,000 or more.

Are bb guns illegal in France?

BB guns and airsoft guns are legal, but it may be illegal to transport them, especially to handle them if they are looking like 'real' guns.

Are bb guns illegal in nc?

bb guns r illegal in North Carolina

In Canada what kinds of guns are shops allowed to carry for sale?

In Canada, the kinds of guns that shops are allowed to carry for sale are only hand guns and semi-automatic guns. Fully automatic guns are not allowed to be sold.

Guns used in Afghanistan?

The guns used by American forces in are mainly M16s, M4 carbines. British; Enfieled SA-80s the talaban use AK-74s, AK-47s, G3s all guns available on the black market. MistroJoe

Do automatic paintball guns use batteries?

Yes, with the very few exceptions of certain older automatic mechanical guns.

Is it illegal to bring BB guns on planes?

Yes, of course it is illegal to bring BB guns on planes.

Are BB guns illegal in Trinidad?

No BB guns aren't illegal in Trinidad because it is a toy gun

Are BB guns illegal in Baltimore city?

By the local ordinance in Baltimore city are BB guns illegal

Are guns illegal in a house?


Are Airsoft Guns illegal in the city of Centennial?

They are illegal to shoot but not to have.

Are airsoft guns illegal in south holland?

yes its illegal

Are air-soft guns illegal in Arizona?

No they are not illegal.

What are aeg guns?

Automatic Electric Gun - i.e. airsoft toys guns.

How many times do you turn the dial on an automatic gun?

No dials on automatic guns.

In what states are pellet guns illegal?

Pellet guns are not federally regulated. They are, however, illegal in a few states and municipalities. They are illegal in the states of California, Michigan, and Illinois.

Are airsoft toy guns illegal?

Airsoft toy guns are not illegal, they are sold in every wal-mart throughout the world.

Are spring airsoft guns automatic?

No, electric are