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Are back teeth baby teeth?

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no they are wisdom teeth

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No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

No, just like you don't get your baby teeth back! You don't get your wisdom teeth back!

Yes because even when you have baby teeth your grown up teeth are in the back getting ready to grow

Only your baby teeth will be replaced with other teeth when they are pulled or fall out. A human has 20 baby teeth total. If you pull out human adult teeth they will not come back.

All baby teeth are deciduous (they fall out) and do not grow back. However, after they fall out, they are typically replaced by the permanent "adult" teeth. Sometimes, though, the baby teeth don't fall out. And sometimes, the adult teeth don't grow in. But "normally" a child will lose all their teeth and they will be replaced by their permanent teeth.

no, they are molers that don't grow fast

define back... in each quadrant there are 5 baby teeth and the sixth one is an adult one.

If they lose there baby teeth then they will grow them back, but if they lose there grown up teeth then they are gone forever.

I believe this is because your adult teeth are there all the time and just move up to replace your baby teeth. It is not that adult teeth suddenly start growing when your baby teeth fall out. If an adult tooth is lost, there is nothing there to replace it.

The canine teeth will not grow back if they are permanent canines. If they are baby teeth the adult canines will appear eventually.

you can get two teeth your primary "baby: teeth and your permanent "adult" teeth. when you lose you adult teeth it will not grow back

yesIn actuality, no they do not regrow, but will be replaced by permanent/adult teeth. See the answer in: Do children canine teeth grow back?

No they don't. They have only one set of teeth in their life. Unlike humans that have two. Baby teeth and grown teeth.

Horse teeth only grow back if the tooth that came out was a baby tooth or if they for some reason had an extra set of teeth (this is the same with people).

Baby teeth will never grow back, once their gone their gone. However, this 4 year old may have earlier adult teeth. These are stronger, but take care of them. For when these Adult teeth are gone, theres no way of getting them back, unless of course you wear dentures or have teeth implants. This however is very expensive, and as a 4 year old, i wouldn't want to be wearing dentures!! So the answer to your question is that, his baby teeth will never grow back, but his Adult teeth will.

your molar teeth are the really big teeth that are kind of in the back of your mouth but when you smile you can probably see them. and also they are even big when they are baby teeth.

No, molar teeth are not baby teeth. you can have adult and baby molars. molars are the flat teeth at the backs of you mouth....

Once you have replaced your baby teeth with adult teeth, if you lose one it is gone for good.

Baby teeth, milk teeth or first teeth. Baby teeth, milk teeth or first teeth.

Hamsters' teeth are very much like a human beings if they were permanent teeth they will not grow back but if they were baby teeth they probably will grow back.

Yes, they will be replaced by adult molars, and then later you will get your "wisdom teeth", the last molars that come in.

You do lose your canine teeth along with other baby teeth. They generally fall out in the order they came in, with the center incisor teeth first, followed by the first baby molars, then the canines, and the second molars. They grow back.

A baby teeth is called Milk teeth. After the milk teeth broke they will have a permanent. and the teeth is small.

Humans generally have two sets of teeth: deciduous (baby) teeth and permanent teeth. Most people lose their first set of teeth between the ages of about 6 to 12. These teeth are replaced by the permanent teeth. If you lose a baby tooth after 13 or any age, it will be replaced by a permanent tooth. If you lose a permanent tooth, it won't be replaced- although if you have the tooth and can get to a dentist very quickly, they can sometimes be saved. Teeth don't ever "grow back".

their called baby teeth because when ur a baby you drink just milk and i think that it shouldn't be baby teeth because babies don't have teeth!

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