Are black sabbath satanic?

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It depends. If your talking about Ozzy's sabbath, i don't think so. Though some lyrics contain evil imagery, they are not promoting satanism. I am not a satanist and believe in god and love sabbath. The reason why their music contains some evilness in it is because it was their new expierment of creating a scarier rock. "Instead of people going to see scary movies, why not listen to scary music?" Ozzy said once. If your talking after Ozzy though, you'll find some albums are very satanic such as Born Again. Some Dio stuff is across the line, but some of it, if you are not a satanist, is good.
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What are the lyrics to the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath?

Answer . "Black Sabbath" What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me Turn around quick, and start to run Find out I'm the chosen one Oh no Big black shape with eyes of fire Telling people their desire Satan's sitting there, he's smiling Watches thos ( Full Answer )

How old is Black Sabbath?

Ozzy Osbourne- 59 Tony Iommi- 59 Geezer Butler- 58 Bill Ward- 59 Dio- 455 dog years Black Sabbath has been around since 1968 when it was first formed by Tommy Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bill Ward.

Is black sabbath satanic?

While some of Black Sabbath's lyrics are occult themed, they are not considered a satanic band.

Who has Been inspired by Black Sabbath?

Every metal band has been influenced by Sabbath, but stoner/sludge/doom metal bands like Electric Wizard and Sleep are directly influenced by Sabbath.

How did the band black sabbath get their name?

\n. \nIt's from a Boris Karloff's 1963 horror movie called "Black Sabbath". The band was originally called Earth but when they found out that there was another band called Earth they changed their name to Black Sabbath.\n. \nDon't wanna delete the last persons answer because its partially right bu ( Full Answer )

Who was the lead singer of black sabbath?

Black Sabbath had many vocalists. John 'Ozzy' Osbourne was the first and most important. Black Sabbath also had Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen and Tony Martin as lead vocalists.

Who played guitar in black Sabbath?

Tony Iommi was lead and he has his own signature G-400And Geezer Butler played bass Geezer is argued to be one of the nest bassists but he is around tied with Cliff Burton From Metallica

What are the names of the member of Black Sabbath?

original Ozzy ousbourne,tony iommi,geezer butler,and bill ward . 2 the allmighty Ronnie James dio, tony ioomi,geezer butler,and bill ward #3 ian gillan,tony iommi,geezer butler ,and bill ward original Ozzy ousbourne,tony iommi,geezer butler,and bill ward . 2 the allmighty Ronnie James dio, tony ( Full Answer )

Who had the biggest influence on black sabbath?

Jihad has the literal meaning of exerting our best and greatest effort to achieve something. It is not the equivalent of war, for which the Arabic word is qital. Jihad has a much wider connotation and embraces every kind of striving in God's cause. A mujahid is one who is sincerely devoted to his or ( Full Answer )

Did Ozzy get kicked out of black sabbath?

No. Ozzy Osbourne originally quit Black Sabbath to do a solo career. Then fans wanted a reunion so he rejoined. Due to his drug/alcohol abuse he was then fired from the band.

Lyrics to paranoid by black sabbath?

The lyrics are as follows: Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify Can you help me? ( Full Answer )

How does black sabbath effect teens?

It exposes them to a beautiful thing called music. not the pop crap that everyone in my entire school is obsessed with. if every teen were to listen to black sabbath and other good bands, there would be (: world peace :)

What are black sabbath albums in order?

( studio releases only ) Black Sabbath Paranoid Master of Reality Vol. 4 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sabotage Technical Ecstasy Never Say Die Heaven and Hell Mob Rules Born Again Seventh Star The Eternal Idol Headless Cross Tyr Dehumanizer Forbidden Cross Purposes Reunion And if you count Heaven and Hel ( Full Answer )

Why did black sabbath break up?

Tony Iommi was very controlling, Ozzy abused drugs and stuff too much so after he left around 79 the band slowly fell apart.

Is black sabbath satanists?

No. Like many band, they had vague flirtations with the occult, but overall, Black Sabbath's lyrics actually manifested a fear of things occult, dark, and evil.

When Ozzy start in Black Sabbath?

He was one of the original members; so in the mid-60s under other names (Polka Tulk Blues Band, Earth). They became Sabbath in 68.

What is the Black Sabbath amp tuning?

6 bass , 6 treble and 6 mid. C# tuning for Iommis guitar with 9-38 strings (yes two 38 strings, for the A and E that were banjo strings).

Who influenced black sabbath?

They took influence from Blues, Jazz, Rock n' Roll.. Ozzy Osbourne himself was playing bass in a band called Magic Lanterns prior to the formation of Black Sabbath. The band claims that the name Black Sabbath came from a Mario Bava film by the same name, although some dispute this, and claim it was ( Full Answer )

Are black sabbath still alive?

Most of them! All the original members are still alive, as are Dio, Appice, Martin, Gillan, Hughes, most of the drummers, bassists and keyboard players; as far as I know, Cozy Powell is the only dead one.

What bands did Black Sabbath fill in for?

Black Sabbath used to wait at bigger-bands concerts in case they didn't show up. They never thought that the plan would work until one day the band Jethro Tull didn't show up at one of their concerts and the manager of the concert let Black Sabbath go on instead. The fans were reluctant at first b ( Full Answer )

Why did Black Sabbath become a band?

When Ozzy was a teenager, he fell in love with The Beatles. He was inspired to start his own band. Ozzy posted a sign at a local music shop, requesting that he needs a gig. He later met with Geezer Butler and joined a band called 'Music Machine'. After Music Machine split up, Ozzy served some jail t ( Full Answer )

Why do people like Black Sabbath?

Because they are an outstanding band, with amazing riffs, melodies, basslines and overall tracks. They are the first heavy metal band, and were the heaviest in the world at the time - and they're still pretty heavy. They have an immensely talented guitarist and have had the best vocalists, bassists ( Full Answer )

Why do black sabbath wear crosses?

I only know hearsay,something to do with a frightening experience Toni Iommi had after being gifted a very old latin tomb of black magic. Apparently they consulted a "white wizard"about it and were told to wear crosses.

What did osbourne do after black sabbath?

Locked himself into a room with alcohol and cocaine until Sharon Osbourne (then Arden) persuaded him to emerge and start a solo career, which he did with immense success. The first record came out in 1980 and was called Blizzard of Ozz.

Who inspired black sabbath?

Allegedly, Tony Iommi found out that the flat V of the blues scale has an evil quality, and he wrote music around that quality. So he was basically inspired by the sound of chaos. But Tony was also very into blues and jazz music(as heard in songs like wicked world and planet caravan)

Who wrote the songs for black sabbath?

Mostly Toni Iommi writing and structuring the music, and Geezer wrote the lyrics. Ozzy and Bill contributed some but not much of it other than supporting the music and/or coming up with vocal melodies.

Who plays in the band Black Sabbath?

Black Sabbath is currently on hiatus. Their most recent lineup consisted of Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward. Concurrent to this was another version of Black Sabbath which called itself Heaven & Hell for legal reasons. They consisted of Iommi, Butler, Ronnie James Dio and Vinn ( Full Answer )

How many no 1 did black sabbath have?

If you are referring to the UK Singles Chart, then the answer is none. In the corresponding UK Albums Chart, their 1970 album Paranoid is their only, to date, chart topper. However, I do not have access to American chart statistics.

Who is in the band Black Sabbath?

Original formation: Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums). Later, Ozzy got replaced by Ronnie James Dio, who is now dead.

What is black sabbaths legacy?

Making (some of) the most influential metal music of all time. They were considered "The Beatles of metal." War Pigs, and Iron Man are 2 of the best metal songs ever made in my opinion.

Who were the black sabbath frontmen?

Ozzy Osbourne (1969-1977, 1978-1979, 1997-present) Ronnie James Dio (1979-1982, 1991-1992) Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) (1983-1984) Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler) (1984) Dave Donato (Geezer Butler Band) (1984) Jeff Fenholt (Geezer Butler Band) (1984-1985) Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) (1985-1986) Ray Gillen (Sun ( Full Answer )

What does the song black sabbath mean?

First of all, Black Sabbath is a musical group, not a song. Just as a Sabbath is a religious ceremony (such as a mass orservice), although the origin of the term has taken some divergenceover the years from its origin meaning, a "black" Sabbath would beakin to an "evil" Sabbath or ceremony. Hence, ( Full Answer )

What type of rock is Black Sabbath?

Black Sabbath's genre of rock was Heavy Metal. They were one of the original bands that started the genre of Classic Heavy Metal.

Are Black Sabbath together again?

Yes, the original line up (Ozzy,Tony,Bill,Geezer) have reunited on 11/11/11 and are planning to record a new CD and then tour.

Why did Ozzy start Black Sabbath?

Ozzy wasn't really the one to "start" it. Tony and Bill were the ones who started it but they were looking for a singer and they got Ozzy to be the singer. They started the band because they didn't have jobs and were looking for a quick and easy way to get money.

When was black sabbath discovered?

They were discovered in 1969 by Phillips Records and released their first single via a subsidary of Phillips; Fortuna Records.

Where did name black sabbath come from?

Black is a metaphor to define Dark, Sin, etc. Sabbath means Worship. So the polarity of its meaning is "Worship Sin", "Worship Darkness". and so on. Worship Satan/Lucifer, in the eyes of Christianity, who views Satan/Lucifer as a Dark, Sinful Deity. Where as Christians view Jesus a Deity of ( Full Answer )

Where did the name black sabbath come from?

There's a lot of speculation about this. The band themselves tend to indirectly cite a 1963 horror film of that name by Boris Karloff. Others have speculated that the US Acid Rock band Coven, and their 1969 album, Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls is where it was pulled from, citing the fi ( Full Answer )

Is Black Sabbath anti Christian?

Absolutely not ! It's simply the name of a rock group. They chosetheir name from a 1963 horror film Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff - which was showing at a cinema across the roadfrom their rehearsal studio.