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Are brand name products the best?



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Name Brand Products

Well, some people like brand names but to me with most items its just a name on a box. Some name brands and off brands are even made at the same place and owned be the same company. Don't get me wrong some brand names are better. With important stuff you might want to go with a well known supplier to be positive that it is of high quality. Food off brand, expensive stuff you might as well get an on brand if your only saving a few pennies, but with things like soap you could have a preference.


The question is more complex than you may suspect and leads toward the answer.

For certain many identical items are sold under different names. One may be better recognized than others.

On the same token, many items are similar to, but not exactly the same as a more advertised one.

What makes one better than the other? Perhaps it is the advertising... so the best known one wins. Perhaps it is another may win (or many lesser advertised items profit on the concept of being percienved as being limited, special or different and costing more).

Taste, appearance, usefullness, quality of construction..really all matters of personal opinion.

So, is this the best way to ask this question? (I guess it's a different question if you ask it any other way...and then its the best way to ask that question.....)

yesss... cuz people r more fimiliar with that type of brand...i would by a brand i knew was good and if it isn't u just waisted ur moneyyy!!! so i would say yessss.