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Are brand name products the best?

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Name Brand ProductsWell, some people like brand names but to me with most items its just a name on a box. Some name brands and off brands are even made at the same place and owned be the same company. Don't get me wrong some brand names are better. With important stuff you might want to go with a well known supplier to be positive that it is of high quality. Food off brand, expensive stuff you might as well get an on brand if your only saving a few pennies, but with things like soap you could have a preference. AnswerThe question is more complex than you may suspect and leads toward the answer.

For certain many identical items are sold under different names. One may be better recognized than others.

On the same token, many items are similar to, but not exactly the same as a more advertised one.

What makes one better than the other? Perhaps it is the advertising... so the best known one wins. Perhaps it is another may win (or many lesser advertised items profit on the concept of being percienved as being limited, special or different and costing more).

Taste, appearance, usefullness, quality of construction..really all matters of personal opinion.

So, is this the best way to ask this question? (I guess it's a different question if you ask it any other way...and then its the best way to ask that question.....)

yesss... cuz people r more fimiliar with that type of brand...i would by a brand i knew was good and if it isn't u just waisted ur moneyyy!!! so i would say yessss.

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What would be the best brand name for home base products that signifies cleanliness?


What is a disadvantage of brand name products?

Usually brand name products are more expensive than their generic counterparts.

What is the best selling brand of sugar products?

Domino brand

How can you lower your grocery bill?

the best and easiest way to lower your grocery bills is to buy the generic or the store brand of products rather than buying the brand name products anemes.

What is the best price for make up kits in the mall?

The best price depends on what brand and type of makeup you are looking for. Around Christmas time, complete makeup kits containing eye, lip and face products can be found for as little as $10 for off-brand products. Name-brand products can cost significantly more.

Why do companies brand their products?

For the best sales

Who make insignia?

Insignia products are the private brand of Best Buy. This is the only retailer who carries the Insignia name.

What is the best brand of pancakes?

forget the brand name homemade are the best

Does Winco sell name brand products?


What are name brand products?

Name brand products are just products that were made by an original maker ,unlike the generic thery were made by someone who made the same thing as someone else for a cheaper price.

What is the best brand of hair products?

I Think it would be suave

What is the best name brand of above ground pools?

I presume by "name brand" you mean manufacturer. Undoubtedly the best manufacturer's on the market who also back their products up with great warranties are Wil-bar and Cantar. These two manufacturer's are the only two which we market.

Who has the best Kelloggs coupons?

Coupons for Kelloggs products can really help consumers save a lot of cash when they check out at the register. The best coupons for brand name products can be clipped in the mailers from your local Sunday paper.

Is volkl a good tennis brand?

Volkl is a more expensive brand of tennis products. They claim to be the "best," and do have good reviews by people who have used the products.

Why do some people buy mostly brand-name products while other people buy most store-label products?

Store-name products are usually of lower price and similar quality compared to brand-name products. The more cost-conscious consumer is more keen to buying the generic store name instead of the former. The brand name products are usually just overpriced versions of the generic versions.

What is the best brand of auto detailing products on the market?

Chemicalguys supply some of the best auto detailing products check them out at

Is Excalibur mentioned in the Bible?

No, but there are biblical products with this 'brand' name.

Is it true are false that Generic products are usually more expensive than brand-name products?

Generic products generally are available as a lower cost option that is very similar to a brand name item. An example is Quaker Oatmeal as compared to a store brand oatmeal.

What is the best brand of scotch?

Glenmorangie is the best brand name scotch made in Scotland.

What is the best brand of Guitar Equalizer?

BOSS is the best brand of Guitar Equalizer. BOSS makes quality products and is reputable within the industry.

What Brands Are The Best Developed Computer Brands?

Hp is the best developed computer brand. No doubt hp and its products is known for its brand and performance.

Whats the best brand of dog food for a chihuaha?

Nutrience, it has no by-products

What has the author Jagdeep Kapoor written?

Jagdeep Kapoor has written: 'Brand Switch' '9 brand shaastras' -- subject(s): Management, Brand name products, Branding (Marketing), Customer relations '18 brand astras' -- subject(s): Brand name products, Customer relations, Management, Marketing

What wholesale websites could you buy brand name products for a business?

With the right research you will find many wholesale websites. Depending on what brand name products you want for your business is the sites you will want to search.

What does lg mean?

The previous company name was Lucky-GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived. The current "Life's Good" slogan is a backronym. Before the corporate name change to LG, household products were sold under the brand name of Lucky, while electronic products were sold under the brand name of GoldStar. The GoldStar brand is still perceived as a discount brand.

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