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Q: Are cars as important in other cultures why?
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Why is it important to understand other cultures?

It is important to understand other cultures so that we can be more accepting. It's also a great way to learn about various people and where everyone came from.

Why is it important for other cultures to visit the Holy land?

In other cultures the Holy Land is important in other ways. For example, the Romans thought the Holy Land was important because to them more land meant more power. To the Muslims, the Holy Land was important to their religion, but not for the same reson it is important to a Jew or Christian.

Why was Kerma important?

Kerma was important because it traded goods with Egypt and other Africa cultures were traded.

Why is it important to understand other peoples culture?

People need to try to understand the livings of other cultures because it could be something they are interested in or what happens if they are in that cultures area and do not know how they live.

Why were crusades important?

The Crusades were important because they were a series of military campaigns. They also gave the opportunity to lear about other cultures and nations.

Why was the silk road important to China?

the silk road was important to china because it provided contact with other cultures through trade

Why did the Chinese make contact with other cultures?

The Chinese needed trade, and they wanted to expand their influence and culture. This was why the Chinese made contact with other cultures. They became very important traders over time.

What is the difference between cars and autos?

"Auto" is simply a synonym for a car, as "auto" is short for "automobile." Other cultures or countries may refer to cars as "autos." In German, the word for a car is actually "auto!"

Why was jewelry important to Egyptians?

Jewelery was very important to the Egyptians for trade and religion. They used lots of gold and jewels for trade with other cultures

Why is it important to study RE?

To better understand your own belief system, if you have one, and those of other cultures.

Why is dancing important to cultures?

It is a way of expressing themselves and it is a way of adding a unique twist to their culture.

How were the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures similar?

The Minoans believed in afterlife and that gods are less important than goddess. In the other hand there was no record in the Mycenaean cultures that there was any god or goddess.

Explain why it is important to study Asia?

The less we know about other cultures and other places in the same world, the less chance we have of bettering the world.

Why is it important to learn about other cultures and religions?

The most important reason would seem to be to help minimize, and hopefully eliminate, bigotry and imagined prejudices.

Why english is important for Pakistani people?

English is important for people of other cultures to learn because it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Why are cars preffered?

I would say technology is more important to cars than cars are important to technology. Technology advances, these advancements are then applied to cars.

Why did tourism is very important?

financially desirable for country being visited; is important to allow different cultures to learn about each other and to interact in a satisfactory manner

Why do Western cultures tend to dominate other cultures?

cus there evil and oppress other ppl

What do you call a hopi home?

When learning about other cultures it is important to know the proper terms. A Hopi home is known as a Pueblo.

What do Jews call a Jewish wedding?

They call it the most important time of your life, just like all other cultures do.

How was religion important to the development of the cultures of Asia?

One who studies mankind and its development frmprimitve cultures is a(an)

How does media affect culture?

Media facilitates a culture's transmission to other cultures and vice versa. i.e. Every culture is influenced by other cultures around them, but with medias like internet, cultures are influenced by all the other cultures of the world.

Who important is religion to the world's cultures?


Was Babe Ruth important to American cultures?


Was the horizon important in ancient cultures?