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Some are. But many will only cause injury with their hollow barbed fins, which can deliver a stinging protein. But some species, such as the striped eel catfish, can deliver a toxic mucus that may be fatal to humans. The edible portions of catfish do not contain any toxins.

A recent study suggests that about half of the 3000 known species of catfish are poisonous. Only a few species are poisonous enough to hurt humans (none in North America). The rest cause about the same amount of discomfort as bee stings. National Geographic also states that as the catfish grow, the venom glands shrink, indicating the venom glands are meant for defense while the fish is young.

The venom comes from glands near the pectoral fins. When the fins are grabbed the glands are ripped, releasing the venom.

The majority of catfish species have poisonous barbs located within their dorsal (top) and lateral (side) fins. If stuck with one of these, they can inject a toxin which causes a painful sting which usually resolves on its own after time. However, like any wound, it can get infected and it is advisable to clean and treat it. Only a select few of catfish species (located in areas of Southern Asia and India) have stings which could cause serious complications, or very rarely, death.

The catfish toxin is protein-based (like bee stings) and thus is treatable with meat tenderizer. Ammonia and vinegar will not be very effective, as they are alkali (base) treatments, to be used for acid-based toxins.

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What part of the catfish is poisonous?

no part in the catfish is poisonous. I've checked inside.

What part of a catfish is poisonous?

The only really poisonous part of a catfish are the pectoral and dorsal fins.

Are Catfish fins poisonous?

They are only mildly venomous.

Is anything poisonous about catfish?

I don't think so.

How catfish protect themselves?

They use their poisonous fins

What other fish can live with a catfish?

It depends on the variety of catfish. Catfish vary in weight and size and some are poisonous. Some varieties of catfish will attack smaller fish, so selection for compatability is essential. ___________________________________________________________ Fish that will neither inflict harm on small catfish nor fit into the mouth of a bigger catfish. Catfish will consume anything that fits into their mouth and the majority of catfish have large mouths.

Are catfish poisonous in Missouri?

All catfish have a mild venom in their pectoral and dorsal fin spines. As for eating, thet are good if they don't come from polluted waters.

Are catfish dangerous?

Catfish are dangerous fish like piranhas. They can be as big as small trucks and weigh up to 600 pounds! Their whiskers are poisonous and they sometimes produce electrical shock to attack other fish.

What fish are poisonous to sharks?

the catfish because of its poisonous barbs, the puffer fish because if the shark eat it, the shark's mouth will be pierce of the puffer fish spines, some jellyfish can kill it and maybe a stingray too.

What catfish can you eat?

bullheads, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and blue catfish.

Are catfish whiskers poison?

I do not know of any catfish species that have poisonous whiskers. The whiskers are for feeling and tasting stuff on the bottom of the lake, pond or ocean. However, most catfish do have spines on dorsal (top) and side fins. It is possible to hold a catfish without getting stabbed by one of these sharp fins. If a catfish does happen to fin you and break skin, make sure you wash the wound thoroughly, especially if the catfish was a freshwater variety. If it is a saltwater catfish and you get finned by one, though it may hurt, wash your wound with ocean water. If the wound from a fin is deep, go to the ER and have them take a look to make sure the catfish did not injure any important parts of your body.

What is the biggest catfish?

The biggest catfish is the Mekong catfish

Is the blue catfish the male channel catfish?

well a blue catfish and a channel cat is to different species of catfish but there are both male and female blue catfish and Channel catfish

Is a catfish a catfish?


What can catfish do?

Catfish can swim. Some Amazonian catfish can eat people

Are catfish nocturnal?

Catfish are mostly nocturnal with the exception of the Glass Catfish

Scientific name for catfish?

There are many fish in the catfish family, but here is a list of select species:Blue catfish - Ictalurus furcatatusChannel catfish - Ictalurus punctatusWhite catfish - Ameiurus catusFlathead catfish - Pylodictis olivarisWels catfish - Silurus glanisStriped eel-catfish - Plotosus lineatusGlass catfish - Kryptopterus bicirrhisBlack walking catfish - Clarias angolensisStringing catfish - Heteropneustes fossilisElectric catfish - Malapterurus electricusBlotched upsidedown catfish - Synodontis nigriventrisPictus cat - Pimelodus pictus

What is the difference between a goonch catfish and a piraiba catfish?

a goonch catfish has teeth and a piraiba catfish doesn't but it has a surated mouth.

What how many species of catfish are there?

There are over 2000 species of catfish (order: Siluriformes), thus making them one of the largest fish orders. They vary greatly in body shape, pattern, and scale configuration. Catfish come from all types of environments in both fresh and salt water. Catfish belong to 34 families. Thirteen families are covered in this book. They include: the Aspredinidae (Banjo catfish), the Ariidae (Sea catfish), the Auchenipteridae (Driftwood catfish), the Callichthyidae (Armored catfish), the Chacidae (Squarehead catfish), the Doradidae (Thorny catfish), the Loricariidae (Suckermouth armored catfish), the Malapteruridae (Electric catfish), the Mochocidae (Naked catfish), the Pangassidae, the Pimelodidae (Flat-nosed catfish), the Schilbeidae (Glass catfish), and the Siluridae (Old-world catfish).

Are catfish salt water fish?

Not entirely.Most catfish species are freshwater. Though some catfish, like Hardhead catfish are saltwater catfish. Some catfish species can live in both fresh and salt water.

What is a catfish predator?

other catfish.

Why do catfish not have scales?

why do catfish not have scales?

Is a catfish a herbavor?

A catfish is an omnivor

Are catfish poison?

some species are but some like blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, and bullheads are edible and delicious.

Why is a catfish called a catfish?

Because the catfish has whiskers just like a pet cat does.