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'''Yes''' However, the calls do not come directly from the satellite phone. The satellite phone call first goes through the satellite, and from there to an earth station, where it gets connect to the terrestrial (land-based) phone system. From there it can connect to any phone, be it a phone in your home, or a cellphone. Also note that cellphones cannot make calls over a satellite. There have been stories that in emergencies, cellphones are connected to satellites. A cellphone can only connect to the phone system through a local cellphone tower. From there, the call can go to any phone. Lots more here and also some information on iphones and there capabilites as thus far.

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Q: Are cell phones capable of receiving calls from satellite phones?
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How do phones make calls?

Phones make calls by sending a signal to a satellite and transferring it to another phone

Can you make calls from landline phones in India to a satellite phone on a ship?

Presently we can not make calls to Indian satellite phones now. But we can make calls INMARSAT phones which are from INMARSAT satellite. It will take time to come up with INDAIN Sattellite Phone. Space Application Centre (ISRO), Ahmedabad in INDIA is making now satellite phone now. With in 2 years we can make calls to sattelite phone from landline through satellite and viceversa

What are cell phones used for?

making/receiving phone calls

How do space people contact with their parents?

Satellite phones and internet uplinks for video calls, they have really good reception.

What is the SYNAPSE in the movie antitrust?

It's a satellite communications network with the theoretical ability to connect to any video-capable device - cell phones, computers, and televisions are shown, and allow people to place video calls to anyone, anywhere in the world via the satellite network. It can also be used for broadcasts that reach the entire world.

Features of cell phones?

Cellphones or mobiles are capable of making local and international calls, browsing internet, texting and more..

Why is a satellite phone so expensive?

"Satellite phones are so expensive because of the infrastructure in place to support the placement of calls on them. As the name implies, the phone uses a vast network of geosynchronous satellites to transmit calls, and it is very expensive to launch and maintain those satellites."

How do you ring an English mobile number that is in Egypt?

Calling people with British mobile phones abroad is the same as when they are in the UK. But their phone card must be able to accept calls abroad ( roaming capable). The calls to mobiles abroad are expensive, also many service providers charge the person who is receiving the call as well making it even more expensive.

Why should you buy a satellite phone over other normal phones?

The main benefit is that a satellite phone doesn't require a radio tower. This means you should be able to place and receive calls from almost anywhere on earth.

What exactly are satellite phones and why are they so expensive What features do they have Do they operate similar to regular cell phones What's the deal I thought only the military used satellite phones. Does one buy a phone and then pay monthly for the ?

A satellite phone is like a cell phone except that instead of connecting calls through cell sites, it connects directly to a satellite. They are very expensive for several reasons, such as much lower production quantity compared to cell phones, and more expensive hardware. Civilians are allowed to own them and there are several different types of plans you can get for the phones, such as monthly, pay-per-minute and unlimited, with prices varying depending on the provider.

Are mobile phones bad for health only when you are calling someone?

Mobile phones are not necessarily bad for your health whether you are calling someone or are receiving calls. Studies have not shown that mobile phones damage your hearing or cause tumors, although there are many rumors regarding this type of incident.

Why are you not receiving callee?

If a person is not receiving calls, this likely means that they are busy. A person that isn't receiving calls may also be having problems with their cell phone reception.

What do you do if you are receiving offensive calls?

Just don't answer the calls anymore.

Do mobile phones need satellites?

The only time a mobile needs to use a satellite - is for international calling. Domestic mobile calls are handled by the network of repeater masts.

How are Cell phones and house phones alike?

You can place and receive calls with both cell phones and house phones.

How are cell phones the same as landline phones?

You can place and receive calls with both cell phones and landline phones.

Can straight talk phones accept collect calls somehow?

yes you can receive collect calls on straight talk phones but they are expensive.. 15.99 for 30 minute's

How does satellite help make a phone call?

Its different for mobile phones and fixed land lines.For mobile phones, the phone transmits a signal to the nearest base station and cellular exchange. This calculates where the call has to be made. If distance is too long (international calls), then the cellular exchange sends an up signal to the satellite. The satellite then locates the other corresponding cellular exchange. It sends a down signal. This exchange then sends a signal to the base station nearest to the receiver mobile phone. The station then inter connects the two phones. Connection through satellite is maintained during whole conversation.Process is similar for fixed phones except that there is no cellular exchange or base station. Sometimes optic fibres are used rather than satellites even for international calls. These fibres are hundreds of kilometers long and pass under the sea.

How do you access private calls on cell phones?

* Wiki answers will not give out information regarding private calls on cell phones due to the 'privacy act'.

Cost of collect calls to cell phones?

It depends on the carrier. However - collect calls to mobile (cell) phones are very expensive !

All About Satellite Phones?

The concept of a mobile phone is now pretty standard fare in everyday life. It is now more unusual for someone to not have a form of mobile communication than for him or her to have one. Most mobile phones are cellular in nature, but in places where the cellular network is weak or non-existent, it is common for people to use satellite phones. While large and often unwieldy, satellite phones are the best option for people who are on ships, in very remote areas, or who need emergency communications. Satellite phones are now commonly used by reporters who are in disaster areas or war zones, as well as by soldiers, sailors and emergency workers. While expensive, satellite phones can complete calls almost anywhere in the world, and are rapidly becoming popular for those working in areas where cellular service is light to non-existent. Originally, satellite phones were very large, or at least had a very large antenna attached to them. While this is still often the case, advances in technology have now brought satellite phones down to a more hand-sized variant, although it still tends to be large and have an external antenna. It is hoped that in the next few years, satellite phones that are indistinguishable from current mobile phones will be developed, although the fact that they need to communicate with distant satellites still means that they will have significant power demands. Currently there are many plans for developing a phone which can switch from the cellular network to the satellite network and back, depending on which is more available, however any product currently on the market which purports to do as much is fraudulent. Satellite phones are much more expensive than mobile phones, and have very expensive connection costs. They are not infinitely reliable or connectable since they must have a direct line to an overhead satellite in order to function. However, they are an excellent alternative for when cellular networks have been destroyed by a disaster or have yet to be established, making them very popular among emergency response teams. Persons who believe they might want to purchase a satellite phone should see which companies offer which sorts of phones and with what service packages, since different companies have different rates for different areas.

How many cell phones calls are made every year in the US?

infinite calls

What did they do with the cell phones?

They made phone calls with them.

What is a reliable company for cheap interantional calls?

A reliable company for cheap international calls, I would recommend, is Telus. They offer good prices for both home phones, and cell phones, when wanting to make international calls.

Whey are phones called cell phones?

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.