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My 8 year-old son has been very moody and has experienced bad temper and even "crisis" since he has been Adderall XR. We are seeking the advice of a psychiatrist to find out what's going on and maybe switched back to Ritalin which he has benn taken for the past two year. . I was asking myself about the same answer...

I'm not a psychiatrist, but I've been on Ritalin, Adderall, and Adderall XR since being diagnosed with ADHD. Also, I teach high school English, so I do have a little insight from students as well. Everyone will react differently to each drug due to dosage, brain chemistry, other medications, and don't forget environmental factors. I don't know how much this helps, but I HATED the XR. I went back to regualar Adderall after trying XR for one month because it didn't feel like it was working--on the same mg dosage as the regular Adderall. With ADD and ADHD many are diagnosed with depression prior to ADD or ADHD or what's known as a "cluster" because symptoms are all over the place. For example, disorganization of personal space (bedroom, car, locker, desk) causes depression. Trying and being unable to organize causes anxiety and sometimes mini-manic cleaning episodes (doing tasks that have an end in sight like alphabetizing CD's or books). Once organized these symptoms disappear. However, once you plateau on your medication, the cycle starts to rear its ugly head again, depression begins, and so on. The anger/frustration/lashing out may come from being at a "plateau" from the XR releasing at a different rate than a Ritalin. Ritalin zaps you into alertness, XR hums. The change may be too drastic and it feels like a lower dose than he is used to taking. I would definitely talk to my doctor after a month is there was no improvement

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Q: Are children sometimes overly emotional while on Adderall XR?
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