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Select subspecies are (such as the Red wolf and Mexican wolf), but as a whole, Gray Wolves are not endangered. They may be listed as endangered in several STATES of the USA, where their population is minimal, however, this does not take into account their total population around the rest of the world.
No. Gray Wolves are not endangered. Once upon a time they roamed the entire span of the earth, but even now, they can be found in vast numbers in Canada, China, Russia and in parts of Europe, India etc.
no, but they should be
Yes. And it would be "endangered" not "endanger". Unless you mean "in danger".

Although some local populations are in trouble, as a species, the gray wolf is not an endangered species. Listed as "Least Concern " by the IUCN.
Yes grey wolfs are endangered in the US along with the red wolf

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Where do endangered gray wolves live?

Gray wolves are not endangered.

Are gray wolves threatened or endangered?

Grey Wolves are threatened not endangered.

Are gray wolves still endangered?

Currently, the gray wolf is not an endangered species.

How can you help gray wolves not be endangered?

you can raise them and study them,that will help! ^.^

Are gray wolves rare?

Gray wolves are enlisted endangered by Endangered Species Act (ESA) throughout USA with exception of some states.

Which of these choices is a positive consequence of the Endangered Species Act with respect to gray wolves?

The wolves have come back from near extinction.

Why are the gray wolves endangered?

The Grey wolf is endangered because of humans. We always thought the were horrible beasts destroying everything. So everyone shot them or trapped would the gray wolves be endangerd if they are not extinct?the gray wolves are not endangerd.

Where are gray wolves endangered?

well i am not very sure but i think that they are endangered in canada or america

How long were gray wolves endangered?

They were removed from the endangered species list in May of 2009.

Are Arctic wolves on the endangered species list?

No. Arctic wolves are not an endangered species. A subspecies of the gray wolf, which is listed as least concern.

Why should gray wolves be saved?

Because they are rare and endangered. The gray wolf is not endangered, rather it is listed as a species of least concern.

What year did wolves go on the endangered species list?

Gray Wolves were put onto the Endangered Species list in 1974 and taken off in 2009.

How endangered is a gray wolf?

grey wolves were taken off the endangered species list in may of 2009

When was the gray wolf endangered?

Wolves have been endangered for many centuries. Because wolves are at the top of the Food Chain they compete with humans for the same prey (deer, elk, rabbits, etc.) Humans have also developed many myths about wolves over the centuries, most of which are false. Consequently, in the US, Gray wolf populations were drastically reduced after the first part of the twentieth century. In 1973, the US Congress passed the Endangered Species Act and the Red and Gray wolves were immediately listed as endangered species. Ther have been some attempts to re-introduce Gray wolves to national parks in the US, but they remain endangered to this day. Although some subspecies are endangered, the gray wolf as a species is not an endangered species.

Are gray wolves almost endangered?

The gray wolf overall is listed as a species of least concern. However, a few subspecies are listed as threatened or endangered.

When was the gray wolf put on the endangered species list?

The gray wolf put on the endangered species list in the 1970s, but is now listed as an animal of least concern. This means that there are large numbers of gray wolves in the world and they are no longer considered endangered.

What is being done to protect the gray wolf?

The Gray Wolf is federally protected and on the endangered species list. There are also organizations and people who work together to protect the wolves. The gray wolf is not an endangered species.

Are Arctic wolves endangered?

yes they are endangeredThe Arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and currently not endangered.Yes, they are endangered.

Why are Mexican gray wolves endangered?

Like many subspecies of the gray wolf, they were hunted to near extinction from fear of predation on livestock.

What is the reason that gray wolves are endangered?

The gray wolf, Canis Lupus, is not an endangered species, but is listed as "Least Concern", by the IUCN. But, some subspecies are in trouble, such as the Mexican wolf, and Ethiopian wolf.

What is the category of risk for a gray wolf?

The gray wolf is generally safe. No one needs to be concerned about gray wolves, excluding the Mexican wolf, which is critically endangered.

What are the issues surrounding the classification and management of the gray wolf in the US?

Gray wolves are endangered because of deforestation and way too much overhunting.

Are wolves gray?

Yes wolves are gray

Why were the gray wolves taken off the endangered species list?

There is a program in Yellowstone national park where they captured wolves and breeded them and released them into the wild again.

Why should you not kill gray wolves?

It is illegal because the are endangered and it will cause national parks to lose money

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