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Are gray wolves endangered?



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Select subspecies are (such as the Red wolf and Mexican wolf), but as a whole, Gray Wolves are not endangered. They may be listed as endangered in several STATES of the USA, where their population is minimal, however, this does not take into account their total population around the rest of the world.
No. Gray Wolves are not endangered. Once upon a time they roamed the entire span of the earth, but even now, they can be found in vast numbers in Canada, China, Russia and in parts of Europe, India etc.
no, but they should be
Yes. And it would be "endangered" not "endanger". Unless you mean "in danger".

Although some local populations are in trouble, as a species, the gray wolf is not an endangered species. Listed as "Least Concern " by the IUCN.
Yes grey wolfs are endangered in the US along with the red wolf