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Are inventions from Greeks still used today?

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Yes, many inventions from the Greeks like concrete, the arch, the aqueduct, anchors, and dice, to name just a few, are still used today. Others, like the dioptra and the stentorophonic tube are not as "famous" and are not as frequently used by the public.

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What English Victorian inventions are still used today?


What Tudor inventions are still used today?

because of cheese

What inventions were invented in rome that are still used now?

Cement, glass, and sail boats are three inventions that originated in Rome and are still used today.

What greek inventions are still used today?

There are many Greek inventions that are still used today. Some of these include the alarm clock, central heating, the thermometer, maps, cannons, as well as wheelbarrows.

Are Thomas Edison's inventions still used today?

Yes he ivented lightbulbs" and we still use them.

What inventions in China are still in use today?

paper ans the plow was invented in china and is used today

What inventions of Archimedes are still being used today?

One invention Archimedes invented is the Archimedes Screw. It's still used today to irrigate crops.

What mesopotamian inventions are still used today?

Writing, numbers, possibly mud bricks.

What are 5 Egyptian inventions still used today?

5 Egyptian inventians still used today are the, chisel, needle, ramp, lever,solar calender, and ink

How do we use Marie Curies inventions today?

She was in the study of Radiology and she helped to introduce and increase knowledge which is still used today.

What Egyptian inventions are still used today?

Black ink 365 days calendar sails

What is the best statement that best describes the achievements of China's civilization?

Their inventions are still used today

What three inventions by Benjamin Franklin that are still used today?

the bifocal spectacles, lower compartments on ships keeping water out, and the odometer are used today.

How was sir isaac newtons inventions used?

His inventions are still used today. For example, his calculus is a complicated math problem or formula that is commanly used. Also, his three laws of motion created many breakthroughs that enable scientists to do their jobs creating better technology today.

What are the top ten inventions of all time?

The top ten inventions of all time are ones that people still use today like the toilet. Other inventions used include the electric stove, cell phones, and computers.

What are three roman inventions that are still used?

Taxi meters, concrete, and central heating are three of the many Roman inventions still in use today. Of course they have been modified and improved upon, but the original invention came from the Romans.

Is Thomas inventions used today?

Yes. he created the lightbulb.

What do the Greeks still use from Ancient Greece?

The water mill, the aqueducts and the fountains. The same silver mines (washing tables and cisterns) Many streets Ancient philosophy, is still useful Many concepts and inventions are still used The greeks are known to have understood the power of steam, and imagined how it could be used to open doors for example, but never did. It is a puzzle why, having all the necessary technologies, the Greeks didn't invent the train.

What sport did the ancient Greeks invent that is used today?

The ancient Greeks invented boxing.

What are five roman inventions that are still used today?

Aquaducts, cement, roads, domed shaped roofing, andalso they were the first ones to have written laws ;)

Why does Leonardo da Vinci matter today?

I think because much of his inventions are used a lot today.

Did the ancient Greeks have an alphabet?

Of course. It is still used by Greek-speaking people today. It is also used extensively in the sciences: Medicine, Math, Astronomy, Chemistry, etc.

How was hydropower invented and how was it used today?

the hydropower was used by greeks and in 250 b.c

What is different about Leonardo da Vinci?

The man was a Genius in his time, many and or most of his ideas, inventions, theories, etc. are or have been used today. The man and what he gave to the World still amazes people today.

Could the ancient Greeks bisect an angle using a compass and a straightedge?

Yes, because the ancient Greeks used many of the same rules that we still use today regarding angles and circles.

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