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In some women yes.


Lower back aches are more common later in pregnancy.
Not necessarily. It can also be a sign of your period. Or it can just be a random problem, like you're not sleeping well, or even your stressed.
Yes, it can be. However, Back pain doesn't usually occur until later on in pregnancy when the weight of the baby and amniotic fluid is causing strain on the back
no to early it depends how far into pregnancy you are my auntie has back pains still after her prenancy (3 days after)
it depends. when was your last period. if you are late, then yes it could be. but there are alot of other things it could mean to. such as a pulled muscle, just plain ole back pain etc... if you think you may be pg, i would suggest taking a hpt. good luck.

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Q: Are lower back aches an early sign of pregnancy?
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