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Are most Latin Americans literate?

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Today nearly 90 per cent of Latin American/Caribbean adults can read and write in Spanish but poor education systems continue to generate new illiterates

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Are most south Americans literate?

no,most south Americans are not liteateAnswerno,most south Americans are not liteate

Discuss the educational system of South America. Are most Latin Americans literate?

The educational system in South America is very tough for kids because the parents can't help them with their homework. Oh and 90 percent of them are literate but the poor education system continues to grow.

Where do most Latin Americans live?

Most Latin Americans live in Latin America, which spans the region from Mexico, through Central America, to (and including) South America.

Which denomination or church do the majority do latin Americans belong to?

Most Latin Americans profess the Roman Catholic faith.

Are most Latin Americans Catholics?


What US actions most pleased Latin Americans?

Franklin Roosevelts "Good Neighbor Policy" pleased Latin Americans

How many religions are there in latin America?

Most of them; most Latin Americans are Roman Catholic, followed by Protestants.

What language do most latin Americans speak today?

The majority of Latin Americans in the Western Hemisphere speak Spanish as their first language.

What languages are spoken by most Latin Americans?

By definition, Latin Americans speak Spanish, Portuguese and French. Most speak either Spanish or Portuguese.

The most literate union territory in India is?

Lakshadweep is the most literate union territory in India.

What religion do most Latin Americans practice today?


What does the encyclopedia mean when it says most latin Americans are christians?

When the encyclopedia says most Latin Americans are Christians, it means that the predominant religion in Latin America is Christian. This region generally includes both South America and Central America.

What percent of land do most latin Americans live on?


Why are most Latin Americans Catholic?

Because it was colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese.

What nation is the country of ancestry of most latin Americans?

Spain and Portugal

Where do half of all Latin Americans live today?

Over 80% of Latin Americans live on cities while 54% of them live among Brazil and Mexico, the most populous Latin American countries.

Most literate district in uttar pradesh?

Allahabad is the most literate district of Uttar Pradesh. The Literacy of Allahabad is 95.6

What foods do latin Americans eat?

Latin Americans eat tacos and rice.

Were most Phoenicians literate?

Probably not.

Which denomination or church do the majority of Latin Americans belong to?

Most Latin Americans are Roman Catholic, with a substantial number of Penecostal Protestants. All countries that Spain colonized, the majority religion is Catholicism.

What are the most major ethnic groups in latin America?

white, spanish, Portuguese, African Americans, and indigenous people (native Americans)

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