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Im not sure about mowing the lawn but im a trampolinist and it definitely makes ur butt smaller i went from 93kg to 57 in one month from it at Olympia in chch

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:29:52
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Q: Are mowing the lawn and trampolining good ways to make your butt smaller?
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Trampolining is good for you?

Yes, trampolining is very good exercise. but be-careful you don't hurt yourself!

What are the rules for trampolining in the Olympics?

bounce real good

What is more healthy walking cycling or trampolining?

Definitely walking. Trampolining? Well, it actually depends. If you walk every day that's really good for keeping in shape. Cycling is for cardio. Trampolining........ well, I guess they're good for your thighs???? Idk, but if you're busy I reccomend cycling.

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Milano is a good website to go onto but is quite expensive and the zone website is also as good but costs less, trampolining leotards are just the same as gymnastic ones so type gymnastic leotards into ebay, amazon or whatever and they are perfect for the sport.

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