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If no drugs were found and you were aquitted completely, then they are liable for damages.

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Can a landlord file charges for damages if no lease was signed?


Can you sue if you are assaulted?

You can sue for money damages, compensatory and punitive, because the assault is an intentional tort and you can press criminal charges too, because assault is a crime.

If a car was stolen and the driver was not found who is responsible for the damages done to your car?

If the drive is not found, your insurance will have to cover the damages. When the guy is found, press charges and sue him for damages.

What happens if you let a non licensed driver drive your car?

If they are stopped your car could be impounded. If they get into an accident you are responsible for damages of your car and the other person's car. Not worth letting them drive.

Why should I care about erosion?

Because it hearts the soil and damages the land. Because it hearts the soil and damages the land.

What is civil libel?

Civil libel involves suing for damages; criminal libel involves punishment (if the accused is convicted) and not damages. In the U.K. prosecution on charges of criminal libel is now extremely rare.

If you leave the scene of car accident can your car be taken away?

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, charges that can be brought against the person depends upon the extent of damages, personal injuries, etc. In all cases the vehicle will be impounded, whether it will be forfeited depends upon the laws of the state in which the accident occurred. In most states it is a crime to leave the scene of an accident. Believe it or not, there are a couple where it is not considered a crime.

Can you press charges against someoene who lied to court to have you arrested?

If you are found not guilty you have the option of suing them in civil court for damages.

If a branch from a neighbors tree damages my car who's insurance would cover it?

You need to make a claim against the neighbors homeowners insurance for damages. Since it sounds like it was an "act of god" they may not cover the damages. In that case you have two choices, you could use your comp insurance to cover damages, if you have comp coverages on your policy, or pay the damages out of your pocket and see if the neighbor is willing to help out with the charges.

Can you file charges against spouse for credit card fraud?

No. Charges may only be filed by a prosecutor or the court. You may, however, choose to sue your spouse in civil court for the damages that occurred as a result of the fraud.

If there is no damages done to your car that was hit can you still press charges?

When there is a moving violation, it is usually the police officers discretion whether to issue a citation.

How long is statute of limitations on a car wreck?

Statute of limitations are set by the state or local government. There is also a difference between bringing criminal charges and suing for civil damages. Typically the criminal charges are longer then civil cases.

How can you prove misappropriation of money?

I have learned lots and it all depends on the victim, that will press the issues/charges, and get authorities to intervene. This usually occurs after the damages are done.

Did formatting system repeatedly damages system?

yes it does damages the system because the hard disk gets worn out by formatting again and again.

How do you press charges on someone who has used your credit card fraudulently?

You can only file a criminal complaint if you actually suffer damages. Talk to your local police station.

What is usual amount of money spend to fix damages because of volcano eruptions?

Because its stuped

Why does soda stain teeth?

Because pop is bad for you and the color in it damages them

Why is CFC not used in fridges anymore?

Because it damages the ozone layer.

Why is knowledge of rust important for your economy?

Because it damages most of our metal

What are the ratings and certificates for Damages - 2007 Because I Know Patty 1-13?

Damages - 2007 Because I Know Patty 1-13 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16

How are damages involved in a lawsuit?

Damages are the amount of money awarded to the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Damages are generally determined by the judge using established guidelines based on type of offense and severity. In civil cases damages are based on the actual loss incurred because of the tort and may include penalties.

What is the difference between general damages and special damages?

How are ordinary damages are different from special damages

Where do you call to file assault charges on someone?

The Police and your lawyerAdded: To report a criminal incident report it to the police - for a civil suit for damages contact an attorney. l

Why Apple Wants 2.5 billion From Samsung?

Apple Wants $2.5 billion From Samsung In Patent Claim And Damagesi have searched about the matter and fine site usefull info is link is in the related linkscheck below

What is a sentence for damages?

He damages his car again.The judge ordered him to cover the costs of the damages.