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I would say, YES, just so the lender will have proof, they sent them. There is no guarantee the debtor will get them, just that they were sent.

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Q: Are right to Cure letters required to be sent via certified mail?
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== == Each states code specifies what must be in the "right to cure" letter sent before a repo.

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Approximately 25 states have some sort of right to cure law. Go to your states Attorney General's website for information about your states laws. half of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislationhalf of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislationhalf of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislation.

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Most states (all states?) require that if you are going to sue & get a judgement to collect on an unsecured debt, a right to cure letter must have been sent. Most finance companies ultimately want the ability to sue because even if they don't sue themselves, the right to sue to collect the debt gets them a higher price when they liquidate the loan by selling it to a collection agency. If a company chose not to send right to cure letters, they would have to ensure that none of their loans ever went to court to collect. Since they often can't control after the loan is sold, they send everyone a right to cure.

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