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Only if they request it, or if they have had problems, are they seperated, however there are some inmates that hide their crime, as well as inmates that are turned out and perform sexual favors for other inmates for protection.

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Q: Are sexual offender inmates at mount olive prison in wv separated from the rest of the population?
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Whatl death row inmates are held in kind of prison?

(in the US) Inmates sentenced to deat are held in a special area of the prison complex and segregated from the general population.

How can I find inmates in a prison?

A friend of mine was recently sentenced to prison. Is there a way for me to find inmates in prison to speak to him?

You are studying the federal prison system and decide to survey the inmates and the guards to find out their perceptions on how many inmates are actually innocent of the crimes they were charged with?

a sample population

What percent of AR prison inmates are illegal aliens?

0% of the AR prison inmates are illegal aliens

What is the prison population for each CA prison?

It depends on the prison. There are 33 adult institutions in CA. San Quentin has around 5200 inmates (600+ of which are on Condemned Row). California Medical Center in Vacaville (also a state prison) has around 3200 inmates and the only hospice facility in the system.

How many inmates were a Alcatraz?

While in use as a Federal Prison, Alcatraz had a maximum inmate population of 312.

Do prison inmates get conjugal visits?

it depends on the prison

In some cases researchers are interested in very large groups such as all the inmates of the US prison system In this case what would all of the inmates represent?

the target population

Where can I find pictures of prison inmates?

Where can I find photographs of currently held prison inmates by name, number or description?

What was built by inmates taken from Changi Prison Camp?

The Burma Railway was built by the inmates taken from the Changi prison camp .

Did prison inmates have any opportunities to improve their education?

Yes, in today's prison system inmates with good behavior can attend classes or get a GED while in prison.

Did prison inmates have visitors?


What is the size of a prison?

5000 Inmates.

Do Texas inmates receive treatment for Hepatitis C while in prison?

yes texas inmates receive hepatitis c from prison

Is the values and behavioral patterns characteristic of prison inmates?

Prison Subculture

Dress code for chino state prison?

Are you asking for the dress code for prison inmates, or the dress code for visitors wishing to visit Inmates.

What is the average size of a prison?

5000 Inmates.

What is socialization of inmates into prison subsulture?


What trasspartion do released inmates use leaving Chuckawalla Valley State Prison?

Transportation for inmates being released from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison is the responsibility of the inmate. The prison does not provide transportation.

Was Alcatraz a male or female prison?

Alcatraz was mainly a male prison. you can check the list of inmates at

What is the percentage of prison inmates who have ADHD?

Current studies have shown that prison inmates are more likely to have a mental disorder of some kind (ADHD, bipolar, and conduct disorders). In one study, the percentage of inmates who met the criteria for ADHD was 9.6%; this rate is higher than the 3%-5% estimate for the general population. Poor impulses and a higher likelihood of drug abuse likely are responsible for a higher proportion of ADHD people in prison.

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What are vulnerable prison inmates known as?

They are known as "punks"

Do inmates receive college education in prison?

Yes they do.