Are sharp abdominal pains a sign of pregnancy?

Actually, I had very strong sudden abdominal pains that only lasted a few seconds. Comes to find out that I was pregnant. It was like the pain just shot through my body. I was also spotting at the I decided to see a may wanna do that!

Not that I have ever heard of. But if you are still unsure if you are pregnant, take a home test. It could just have been a bad case of gas. People have thought they were having heart attacks it was so severe. Or you may want to go see a doctor. But if you have no other symptoms, I'd say you aren't pregnant, it doesn't sound like a normal symptom of pregnancy to me.

I've never heard of that. That's really uncommon if you are pregnant. But that could mean there's something wrong with you and you have a stomach virus or another medical problem but not pregnancy.

Actually, I had shap pains during early pregnancy , more like menstrual pain. The doctor told me that it was due to uterus growing / stretching.

i have had sharp pains in my tummy while ive been pregant, but it was just stretching and making room for the baby. i also have menstrual like cramps every once in a while, but that is normal

i always have a very sharp pain that runs through my lower stomach area (lasts up to 15 sec).... i would not be worried. this has happened to me for over 2 years now.