Are tank missiles different from battleship missiles and airplane missiles?

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All of these missiles are different sizes, and carry different payloads.
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How does a missile work?

Missiles have a guidance system, a "brain" (computer), telemetry gear, warhead (or payload), fuel, and fins. They are either active, semi-active, or passive. Active means that they send out their own RF (radio frequency) trying to identify the target. Think of it as a dolphin trying to find a fish ( Full Answer )

How missiles work?

To answer your question, we have to know what sort of missiles you are talking about. In a nutshell, the missile has it's warhead (also known as a "payload"), it's homing device (depending on whether it is active, passive, or semi-active), it's computer (used to determine when it will explode and if ( Full Answer )

Is there a difference between a rocket and a missile?

Answer . missile is also a rocket but the difference is that, it hold explosive for mass destruction. a rocket is just use to propelling vehicle like in satellites etc. missiles are self guided by the help of inertial navigation system.

What is the Difference between solid propelled missile and liquid propelled missile?

Solid fueled missiles are just that. They are propelled by a solid fuel. For an everyday example of that, pick up an Estes rocket kit from Michael's craft store and look at it's propellant.. Liquid propelled missiles us a liquid propellant, like your car. Liquid propellants also require a second ox ( Full Answer )

What is cruise missile?

A cruise missle is a long-ranged tactical guided missle launched from an aircraft, ship, submarine, or land-base launch platform. They are extemley fast and accurate, and are used for precision strikes on military intallations such as command bunkers or air bases. A cruise missile is not very fast ( Full Answer )

Who invented the missile?

In the 1200s to 1400s, China has been using unguided missiles in warfare, making them the first to use the self-propelled missile. The missile they used today has (normally) the same amount of power as, an example, AIM-9 Sidewinder.

What explodes in a missile?

The warhead on a missile will blow up, at least on one so equiped. Also, there is a "destruct" charge aboard to knock the missile down if something untoward happens and controllers want to "stop" it. Oh, and the fuel may blow up in an accident of some kind.

What is a slapstick missile?

Slapstick missile is a popular crossword puzzle clue that has beenused in many newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the NewYork Sun. The top three answers are pie, egg, and creampie.Slapstick missile refers to a pie or other food being thrown in theface of an 'unsuspecting' person during a ( Full Answer )

Did world war 2 airplanes have missiles?

Answer. They used unguided rockets. Basically a rocket that fired in the direction it was pointed. Aircraft like the US Navy Corsair and the British Typhoon used rockets for ground attacks.. The Germans developed a guided bomb that they could control it as it fell on the target. The bomb was calle ( Full Answer )

What is a ballistic missile?

A ballistic missile is a term that defines a missile's flight path. There are two types of flight paths as far as missiles are concerned: approach angle control and ballistic. \n. \nA ballistic flight path describes a missile that is launched to a high altitude and adjusts itself to "fall" onto the ( Full Answer )

Where are missiles stored?

It depends on the type of missile. Some Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are stored in underground silos in a ready state. Some may be stored in underground or above ground sheilded bunkers. Air to Air Missiles for fighter aircraft are usually stored in above ground bunkers.

Difference between rocket and missile?

A missile is anything thrown or projected. A rocket uses rocket propulsion - throwing out hot gasses in order to move in the opposite direction. In practice most rockets can be considered to be missiles and most missiles are rockets. in the military a rocket is unguided en a missile is guided, t ( Full Answer )

What are nuclear missiles?

It is a nuclear weapon that does not require other means oftransport, such as a plane or carrier. But can be launched and"steered" toward a target or automatically find its target. (Note:only a handful of countries hold the funds and technology tomanufacture these weapons)

How does a missile explode?

A smaller missile will usually detonate by means of an electrical impulse sent by a contact device, while larger cruise missiles and nuclear devices often contain sensing devices that are programmed to detonate when they are at a certain distance from the target. Tiny devices such as mortar shells a ( Full Answer )

What is the speed of an anti-tank missile?

An anti-tank missile is accelerating from the moment the rocket motor is ignited. That means it is going faster and faster at each moment until it strikes its target or runs out of fuel. Most missile systems possess this characteristic, that is, they don't have a cited "top speed" because of the var ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of missiles?

Well if you are comparing it to a rocket, for example, the advantages include; . They are guided. . Some are "fire and forget" which means you don't have to keep a lock on a target after launching the missile . There is a massive variety of missiles each suited to a particular Job. . A lot of ( Full Answer )

What is a missile?

a missle is a kind of bomb . An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile. . A guided missile. . A ballistic missile. . An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile. . A guided missi ( Full Answer )

What is the Bomarc missile?

The IM 99A and IM 99B were umanned interceptors assigned to Air Defense Command and ultimately, NORAD. It was flown by remote control from the air defense region command blockhouse located around the country. If launched it was on a one way trip as it would be directed to a bomber formation and then ( Full Answer )

Is there a missile called spud missile?

its not spud but "SCUD" missile.its a Russian missile but in NATOs code its called a scud was developed during the cold war.

What is the difference between a ballistic and cruise missile?

There are several differences. A ballistic missile is rocket powered, takes off straight up, and the warhead falls to its target. A cruise missile is jet powered with wings, like an airplane without a pilot, and it flies following the earth until it reaches its target, whereupon the warhead is deton ( Full Answer )

How are missiles made?

A missile has three major components. The propulsion system moves the missile and contains the fuel. The guidance system steers and guides the missile on its flight. Then there is the payload, typically an explosive.

What rhymes with missile?

If you pronounce it MI ssle, It could be bristle, whistle, thistle, etc. But if you mean miss ILE , it can be infantile.

What rhymes with missiles?

whistles , I suppose you could make it work in a rhyme a poem around it with a little thought . Missal can be the star of the show and not have to be used at the end of a line.

What is the difference between a Surface to Air Missile and a Theater Ballistic Missile?

SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) which gained notoriety during the Vietnam War (shooting down B-52 bombers/and fighter bombers) are for air defense and are part of the air defense system; as were deployed by North Vietnam during the war. ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles=Nuclear Warheads/At ( Full Answer )

How do you do missile Naruto?

No. The only kiss in the intire seris of naruto is a accident kiss between sasuke and naruto.

What kind of missiles is in the Cuban Missile Crisis?

nuclear bomb missiles. soviets had few and unreliable icbms. krushiev installed medium range ballisstics missiles in cuba. unknown to us was the readiness of tactical [battlefield] nuclear weapons also in cuba. an american invasion would have been met with disaster.

How are missiles guided?

They could be radar guided, they could be guided by a seeker unit which locks onto heat signatures, they could actually be unguided weapons whose only 'guidance' is programming which is done prior to launch, they could be guided by GPS navigation, they could be command guided by wire (such as MCLOS ( Full Answer )

What is an inert missile?

Basically, a deactivated missile. Typically, an inert missile will either be a purpose built dummy, or a live missile, with its propellant and warhead removed.

How do get rid of missiles?

Missiles are disassembled by special experts who know how to handle the nuclear devices and to properly dispose of them. It costs about a million dollars to take them apart and they can take as long as two weeks. There is a show on Discovery com that shows these experts taking them apart. The US gov ( Full Answer )

How do torpedo differ from other missiles?

There are three types of Missiles - those that go air to air, those that go from ground to air or air to ground and torpedo that are designed to only go underwater

How does a surface-to-air missile differ from an air-to-air missile?

Surface to air is shot from the ground into the air at the target. Air to air is fired from another aircraft. Actually there is very little difference. just where the missile is fired from. Of course, there can be many more surface-to-air missiles (SAM) than air-to-air (AAM) because an enemy aircraf ( Full Answer )

Are ballistic missiles guided missiles?

Yes, although not in the same sense as, say, an air-to-air missile. They're programmed prior to launch. . Technically, a ballistic missile is, by definition, unguided, as it follows a trajectory dictated by pure physics (hence, the name "ballistic"). However, the vast majority of modern balli ( Full Answer )

Can a surface to air missile lock on and destroy a tank?

It MIGHT be able to lock onto a tank, but it wouldn't destroy one. AA missiles are designed to fragment (much like a hand grenade), which sends shrapnel into very thin-skinned aircraft. This would be incapable of penetrating a tank, which has very thick armour, and requires a different type of warhe ( Full Answer )

What can a missile destroy?

Are you looking for anything in particular that one can't destroy? Because a mission can just about blow up anything.

What is difference between jet and missile?

The jet takes in air from outside and burns the oxygen in it with fuel to produce thrust, the missile with its rocket engine carries oxygen internally in chemical form and needs no air with which to burn the fuel carried in a separate tank. That's why jets can only operate within the atmosphere and ( Full Answer )

What is the bramhos missiles?

It is India-Russia joint program for Bramhos missile. It will be supersonic and advanced version will be hypersonic missile. It will be most powerfull in the world

What is the difference between an anti-satellite missile and an anti-ballistic missile?

An anti satellite missile is designed specifically to shoot down objects in orbit outside of the Earth's atmosphere (these objects are satellites). Anti ballistic missiles are designed to shoot down ballistic missile threats, which for the most part are within the Earth's atmosphere. The two missile ( Full Answer )

Why do you use missiles?

it is not necessary to use missiles against is just our safety purpose.if u have missiles then it may be possible then people will afraid you.

What types of missiles are there?

cruise & ballistic . conventional warhead & nuclear warhead . self-guided, remote-guided, unguided . battlefield, short range, intermediate range, intercontinental . land based, submarine launched, ship based, air launched . liquid fueled, solid fueled, hybrid fueled . etc. pick one from e ( Full Answer )

What is the missile jammer?

There are different types of jammer. For radar guided missile there is radar jammer. For laser guides missile aircraft use burning magnesium strips for make confuse missile.

What type of missile was the German A4 Missile?

The German A4/V2 Missile was a Ballistic Missile. A ballistic missile is a missile that follows an sub orbital ballistic flightpath with the objective of delivering one or more warheads to a predetermined target. The missile is only guided during the relatively brief initial powered phase of flight ( Full Answer )

Is missile a verb?

No, the word 'missile' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for an object that is forcibly propelled at a target, a word for a thing.

What is a minuteman missile?

The LGM-30 Minuteman is a US land based intercontinental ballisticmissile (ICBM). It is the first solid fuel instant responseballistic missile in the US arsenal, meaning it could be launchedinstantly at any time (unlike the liquid fueled ballistic missilesalready in use when it was originally made t ( Full Answer )