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Are the Indians in the middle colony nice?

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noboby cares

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How did the middle colony end?

the middle colony end nice

Was Maryland a south colony or a middle colony?

Maryland is a middle colony

Was Virginia a middle colony or southern colony?

middle colony

Was Massachusetts a middle colony in the 1600s?

No, it was not a middle colony. It was the New England Colony, and it was based north of the MIddle colony.

Is Pennsylvania colony a New England colony Middle colony or Southern colony?

it was a middle colony

What was Georgia like as a colony?

Georgia was a very nice colony. Georgia was a very nice colony.

Is new york a middle colony a southern colony or an northern colony?

New York is a middle colony.

Why is the middle colony known as the breadbasket colony?

Because the middle colony was known for growing wheat.

How did the Indians start the New York Colony?

They were allowed to start the colony because the Indians had made reservations.

Is New York a middle colony?

Yes. New York is a middle colony

Was Virginia a southern colony?

no it was a middle colony

What colony is New York in?

middle colony

Is Massachusetts colony a middle colony?

No it's not. The Middle Colony states were New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

Was NY a New England middle or southern colony?

New York was a middle colony

Was Maryland a middle colony or southern colony?

Maryland was a southern colony

Is Williamsburg in the Southern or middle colony?


Who did the Virginia colony trade with?

the indians

What kind of colony was Delaware?

a middle antlantic colony

Was Connecticut a Middle Colony?

no its a New England Colony

What was the region of the New York colony?

middle colony

Is Virginia a Southern or middle colony?

Southern colony

Is Georgia a middle colony a new England colony or a southern colony?

Georgia is a southern colony.

Is connecticult a new England colony middle colony or southern colony?

new england colony

Is Delaware a southern colony middle colony or a New England colony?

It is too far south to be a New England Colony and too far north to be a southern colony meaning that it must be a middle colony or more properly a mid-Atlantic Colony.

What colony tolerated religion and American Indians and personal beliefs was.?

The Colony was Plymouth