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Are the SATs hard?

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May 11, 2010 4:46PM

They can be hard. You need to prepare for the test. If you are better prepared, you will likely do much better. Also remember that tests can be retaken if you didn't like your first score. You do them at the end of KS1(Year 2) and KS2(Year 6)

George Carter

It's normal to feel agitated and nervous at first however it is just a part of life. Nowadays some schools are boycotting sats on the other hand some think they are essentialy vital.

As the first answer had said if you prepare you will find it easy, it is merely the truth.

If your lacking your knowledge then how will you succeed?

My advice is to revise every night alternatively not too much consequently your memory will be jumbled up and you won't be able to answer ANY questions. Go through everything you've learnt. Don't panic! Be calm. Believe in yourself and you will find the day your results come in your proud of oneself. Do your personal best. Reach your full potential. It's not about ebing competitive and thinking others have a greater amount than you, its about your ability. Your succession...

Student From BGP