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Are the fast food companies responsible for the obesity epidemic and do we have the right to blame them for it?

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2015-09-15 16:07:54

Are the fast food companies responsible for the obesity epidemic and do we have the right to blame them for it?

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2007-04-17 08:54:12

Except in the cases where a person has a gland problem, the only

one that is to blame for obesity is the person that is obese. No

one makes anyone go to a fast food restaurant, they don't say the

food is health (in fact the usually out right say it is unhealth),

so why would they be to blame. Your body can handle fast food if

you do not eat it all the time and you exercise. It is similer to

those that start smoking now. Everyone, including the cigarette

companies, say it is bad for your health, so they are no longer to

blame either (I do agree with them being to blame for those that

started smoking at the time that the cigarette companies advertised

that it was not unhealth when all external reports stated it was).

I think that it is a combination. However, the main thing to blame

for obesity, in my opinion, is nature and the fast rate at which we

are advancing technologically. We are hardwired to crave fat, carbs

and sugars. This is because thousands of years ago food was hard to

come by and people starved. Therefore our bodies adjusted so that

when a fat (etc.) was available the person would consume as much as

possible. Later they may not be able to find good food for awhile.

Now, in just the last hundred years in America food has become

overly available and a large percentage of the population are

gaining weight because are bodies are still running on the thought

that they must have it now cause they don't know when they are

going to get it again. Anyway, the answer didn't come out quite

right so I'll work on it. But you may get the gist of it. By the

way, this is what my psych. professor told the class last year.

Food companies are now having to label their foods differently in

Canada and the U.S. and well they should because there are hidden

sugars, etc., in them. Some of the names you can't even pronounce.

If you can't pronounce it don't eat it! If bread lasts on your

counter for a week without mold, you're buying the wrong bread.

Better restrictions are being put on healthier foods and yes, one

can blame places like MacDonalds and other fast food places for

obesity, but not enough to sue them. As the above poster stated we

all have choices and know what is good for us and what is not.

Having fast food once in awhile is OK, but most of the time we

should be aware to stay away from pre-made foods and make our own

meals from scratch so we have some idea what is in our foods. 3

things that make us want certain foods is sugar, salt and fat! I

feel it's up to the individual to be responsible for their own


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