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Are the front and rear fascias of all 2nd generation Firebird interchangeable?

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I've seen a 94 with a 01 frontend

Second Gen would be from 70-81. I know that the front fascias are interchangeable with all the parts from the donor car. The rear is a little different story. In '79 they changed the way the license plate and fuel door operates. The rear bumper of the 70-78 is different than the rear bumper of 79-81 due to these changes.

2009-11-23 05:46:10
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Q: Are the front and rear fascias of all 2nd generation Firebird interchangeable?
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Due to their differing front clips they would not be interchangeable.

Will the front seats from 1991 firebird fit1988 gta?

yeah, most interior parts on a third generation firebird (1982-1992)are interchangable.

Is the front fascia interchangable with any other year on the third generation camaro?

if you change the whole front clip it is easier than just the fascia, but yes they are all interchangeable

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The front fascias will interchange. The rear ends won't.

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A 2001 Pontiac Firebird is a rear wheel drive vehicle

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The 2000 Pontiac Firebird is rear wheel drive

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Where is the pcv located on a 1998 firebird?

The PVC valve on a 1998 firebird is on the passenger side. It is on the valve cover about halfway between front and back.

Will a camaro front end fit on a firebird?

no its two different frontends

Where is the oil pump on a 97 firebird V6?

inside the front cover.

Where is the 92 firebird horn location - Can I have a pic?

The horn on the 92 Firebird is located behind the front bumper. The horn button is located on the steering wheel. Pictures can be found in a Firebird repair manual.

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are 2wd and 4wd front brake rotors interchangeable on 1997 ranger 4L V6 XLT

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heater core is shot...

Will a 1977 firebird nose and valance fit on a 1979 firebird? absolutely will. In fact, you can change them all from 1970-1981 if you have all the parts from the front end to do it.

Will a 1991 blaster front suspension fit a 1998?

Yes should be interchangeable

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What other year model fenders can you use on a 73 firebird?

Most wrecking yards can tell you. They have a book that matches up parts. The actual fender didn't change until '76 I think. I had a '77 and a '79 and they were the same. Only difference was the front end cone and the taillights. (which were interchangeable)