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The Muses are patrons of the arts. For instance, Terpsichore is Goddess of the Dance. Edith Wharton's Greek Mythology has a complete list, along with the history. They were daughters of Zeus by Mnemosyne, who was the Goddess of Memory. Each of the goddesses had her own area in which she excelled. * Calliope: philosophy, epic poetry and rhetoric * Clio: history and introduction of the alphabet into Greece * Euterpe: lyric poetry and music, especially the flute * Thalia: comedy and pastoral poetry * Melpomene: tragedy (theater) and chanting * Terpsichore: dance and choral song * Erato: love poems and mimicry * Polyhymnia: sacred music and eloquence in verse * Ourania: Astronomy, Astrology and prophecy Go to this site for a complete story of the Muses:

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Q: Are the muses of Greek mythology patrons of anything?
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What was the inspiration for Greek mythology?

The Nine Muses are the inspiration of the Greek mythology.

What is the muses roman name?

The Muses names are the same as in Greek Mythology.

In greek mythology what presided over arts or sciences?

Muses presided over arts and sciences in Greek mythology. This is why writers and artists often talk about their muses.

Who are the seven muses of Greek mythology?

Calliope, Clio, Erato , Euterpe , Polyhymnia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania were the nine muses of Greek mythology.

Who were the siren's enemies in Greek Mythology?

The Muses

Are muses real?

No. The Muses were nine goddesses in Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

In greek mythology calliope was one?

One of the Muses.

The term music comes from the in Greek Mythology?


Who were callopie's parents in Greek mythology?

Calliope, in Greek mythology, is one of the nine muses, whose parents are Zeus and Mnemosyne.

Could you tell me the story of the Muses in Greek mythology?

Click link below and choose 'muses' from the menu!

Who is the father of the muses?

The father of the known muses in Greek Mythology was Zeus, offspring of Mmemosyne, goddess of memory.

In greek mythology who were the patron goddesses of the creative arts?

The Muses.

What are the symbols for the Muses of Greek mythology?

Click link below!

Where did the nine muses of Greek mythology live?

Mt. Helicon

Did any of the nine muses of greek mythology was married?

No, but they did have children.

What were Muses responsible for in Greek mythology?

The muses were often thought to be the inspiration for literature, poetry, art, and other creative subjects

What is the function of the muses in Greek mythology?

i think they tought knowledge and poetry

What Were Muses Powers?

In Greek mythology, the Muses had the power to inspire artists of various sorts - they each specialized in a different art form.

Who was king of thrace in greek mythology?

Oeagrus is a possible answer! He was probably the father of Orpheus by his wife Calliope one of the muses of mythology.

The term music comes from the Greek Mythology?

The word "music" has its source in the ancient Greek word mousike which means "art of the Muses".

Where did the word music came from?

The word "music" came from Greek for "the art of the Muses". The Muses are sister goddesses of the arts in Greek mythology. Then the word for "of the Muses" went into Latin, Middle English, and then ended up in the modern English word "music".

What is the Roman name for the Muses?

pierides ithink

What does the greek term calliope mean?

Calliope was one of the 9 Muses in greek mythology. She was the protector of epic poetry and rhetoric.

In Greek mythology who wrote about The black haired nine?

The Black-haired nine is a name for the Muses.

What is the connection between the word museum an ancient mythology?

The word museum was named after the nine muses of Greek.