Are the muses of Greek mythology patrons of anything?

The Muses are patrons of the arts. For instance, Terpsichore is Goddess of the Dance. Edith Wharton's Greek Mythology has a complete list, along with the history. They were daughters of Zeus by Mnemosyne, who was the Goddess of Memory. Each of the goddesses had her own area in which she excelled. * Calliope: philosophy, epic poetry and rhetoric * Clio: history and introduction of the alphabet into Greece * Euterpe: lyric poetry and music, especially the flute * Thalia: comedy and pastoral poetry * Melpomene: tragedy (theater) and chanting * Terpsichore: dance and choral song * Erato: love poems and mimicry * Polyhymnia: sacred music and eloquence in verse * Ourania: astronomy, astrology and prophecy Go to this site for a complete story of the Muses: