Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Are the risks of pregnancy high if the withdrawal method was used during your period?

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Even if withdrawal wasn't used, the chances of a woman getting pregnant from sex on her period is about 2% or less (provided it is period blood and not ovulation spotting). So no, chances are not high.

The withdrawl method really doesn't do anything to prevent pregnancy. But most women can't get pregnant during their period. Always use a condom or another form of birht control. The withdrawl method is not a safe choice.

The risks are always there when you are having unprotected sex.

Sex While Menstruating

You can still get pregnant if you have sex while you have your period. Many people believe that if you're bleeding, the sperm will wash out of you, or that there is no egg present.

Sperm are strong swimmers, and can go against the flow of blood from a woman's body. Plus, the egg may be lingering in the uterus, and can attach if impregnated during menstruation.

Stick to your regular birth control routine during your period.

Pulling out or Withdrawal

A guy might say he won't come inside you, and he may mean it. But, even if he does pullout before coming you can still get pregnant. If any come or pre-come gets into your vagina, the sperm in that fluid can swim all the way to the fallopian tubes.

Pre-come is the drop of fluid that often leaves the penis before the man actually comes. Biologically, it's a guy's natural lubrication. Sperm (and possibly the HIV virus) may be in that lube.

This method DOES NOT work to prevent pregnancy or STI transmission.

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Withdrawal method has the same risk of pregnancy as the non-withdrawal method. So yes you can be pregnant.

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The pill doesn't give you a withdrawal bleed. The only time the pill gives you a bleed is during your "off pill" days (7 days) when your period is expected. Using the withdrawal method as backup will NOT protect you from pregnancy. Withdrawal is NOT a backup method since you become pregnant from this method just as you do from full sex. You need to be using a backup method of protection in the form of condoms for the first 4-5 weeks of taking the pill. If you dont you run the risk of pregnancy.

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During pregnancy, the period stops.

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