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Guys can't feel the precum, so use LOTS of lubricant, but you're being smart if you use the condom.

The withdrawel method with the condom is a nice way to prevent pregnancy, but I would recommend taking the pill with the condom.

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Q: Are the risks of pregnancy high if you use a condom with the withdrawal method?
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Is it safe to use widrawall and calendar method after menstruation?

To avoid unwanted pregnancy - not especially. Withdrawal and Rhythm Method are not reliable forms of birth control. Withdrawal can be used as a back-up method but with the risk of pre-ejaculate or lack of withdrawal pregnancy risks are high. Rhythm Method does work as it predicts fertile days based on past cycles, as cycles change constantly this mean you could have sex thinking the woman is not fertile when in fact she is at the peek of her fertility. If using Rhythm Method you also should know whether or not a woman is likely to be fertile after menstruation or not based on past cycles.

What are the risks of getting pregnant?

use a condom and decrease the risk of std which are very much more common than pregnancy

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom came off in the girl after sex after he ejaculated?

Absolutely. The condom is filled with millions of sperm that can get out of the condom if it's left inside her. That's why you should withdraw immediately after ejaculation; otherwise, as you "shrink," the condom can slip off, exposing her to pregnancy risks and to any sexually transmitted diseases you have.

Last day you ask one question what is the safe period for sex?

Assuming you mean safe from Pregnancy I feel I have to say, none. Use a condom for safer sex, do not take risks.

Does marijuana lower risks of pregnancy?

no it does not

What are the risks of adolescent sexuality?

pregnancy and other stuff

What is pregnancy category?

Pregnancy category-- A system of classifying drugs according to their established risks for use during pregnancy.

Is the withdrawal method safe before sixth days of menstruation?

The withdrawal method is unsafe in the sense that it does not prevent the transmission of STDs.The withdrawal method can be used at any time during the menstrual cycle, so it doesn't matter where you are on your cycle.Despite common misconceptions, pre-ejaculate fluid doesn't contain sperm, though it can be contaminated with sperm from a previous ejaculation. Therefore, if a man plans to use this method, he should urinate prior to having sex to ensure that his urethra doesn't contain any sperm.Additionally, the real reason that the withdrawal method fails is because of mistiming ejaculation. If he can consistently urinate between ejaculations and always pull out AND away from the vagina BEFORE ejaculation begins, every single time, then the method is reasonably effective (perfect-use failure rate is 4%, compared to 2% for the condom).Remember, this method does NOT prevent STD transmission, and some diseases don't have symptoms, so never trust someone who says they're clean, even if they're honest, without a comprehensive STD test.Always consult a medical professional if you have questions about your sexuality, before you take risks.

What ia a pregnancy category?

Pregnancy category-- A system of classifying drugs according to their established risks for use during pregnancy.

What are the risks of teen pregnancy?

Same risks as adult pregnancy... disease, losing the baby, separating muscles, spraining your lower back (it happens during labor usually)

Will first pregnancy aborted by pills by first month will have any problem for future pregnancy?

No there are no risks to a future pregnancy following an abortion.

Can someone get pregnant if the condom didn't bust my girlfriend say she didn't saw her period this month which we has sex in this month 14 of November she said the month end and she didn't see it?

As long as the condom didn't break and was used correctly it is around 98% effective against unintended pregnancy, so pregnancy risks are low. There are many reasons for a woman to miss her period or for her period to be delayed, such as stress or ill-health around the time ovulation was due. If concerned she should take a pregnancy test.

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