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Yes, there are collectors of WW2 artifacts. How about trying eBay? Yes. There are regular Militaria Shows that are held in various places in the US. You can walk in and sale your items to a Dealer. I'm a member of a local Militaria Collector's Club. We meet once a month and buy and sale for fun and also show off our latest finds. If you have questions about your item, try this website Forum. They ONLY deal with US Military items----no German or Japanese. (But there are some exceptions if the item was brought home with a US soldier's name on it.) You can ask about your item or read the forum to learn more of the value of them. Link: NOTE: If you have items from one Veteran, it is advisable to keep the collection together. This tells a story and makes them worth more. Collectors hate it when a collection is broken up. They like to have a uniform with a soldier's name on the laundry tag and his medals with his name engraved and maybe a photo of him wearing it, etc., etc. PLEASE keep this in mind. It will make the collection bring more money, too.

2009-01-19 01:34:18
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