Are there alternative forms of fuel for kerosene?

There are some initiatives to find alternatives to fossil fuels for kerosene and jet fuel.

From the wikipedia entry on jet fuel....

Green Flight International flew the World's first jet aircraft on 100% biofuel. The flight from Nevada's Reno - Stead airport was in a single engine L-29 piloted by Carol Sugars and Douglas Rodante. * Boeing and Air New Zealand are collaborating with leading Brazilian biofuels maker Tecbio and Aquaflow Bionomic of New Zealand and other jet biofuel developers around the world. * Virgin Atlantic successfully tested a biofuel blend made from 20% babassu nuts and coconut and 80% conventional jet fuel fed to a single engine on a 747 flight from London to Amsterdam. Oil prices increased about fivefold from 2003-2008, raising fears that world petroleum production is becoming unable to keep up with demand. The near-total dependency on petroleum for aviation fuel adds extra urgency to the search for alternatives: twenty-five airlines went bust or stopped operations in the first six months of 2008 and more could fold as fuel prices soar, IATA warned . Jet biofuels in practice * Virgin Atlantic flew a Boeing 747-400 in early 2008 with one engine operating on a 20% biofuel mix of babassu oil and coconut oil * Air New Zealand will fly a Boeing 747-400 with one of four engines on a biofuel/kerosene mix in 2008/2009 * Continental Airlines will fly a Boeing 737 on 3rd generation biofuel in 2009. _________________________________________________