Are there any certain cars that are less safe than other cars?


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Definitively. Small cars are not as safe as large cars, generally speaking. Cars like the Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, Mercury Grand Marquis, Hyundai Accent, Ford Mustang Convertible, and the Chevy Aveo Sedan are listed by Consumer Reports as not being as safe as they could be. Volvos are safe and sexy


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Cars in the future will be safe as they will have automatic braking systems, which already some cars have. Also they will have less solid windscreens to prevent it braking or getting damaged in accidents.

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Toyota cars are very safe compared to other car companies. Toyota often gets 5 star ratings in their crash simulations because of the design and metal used in their cars.

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They are very safe cars the metal they use for the cars is strong and when you crash it gets pushed in but its safe ALL volvos are safe

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Yes! Hybrid cars not only provide you with great saftey features and lower maintenance but they are the top rated care for the best gas mileage. They are lighter than normal cars they are not heavy and they have lightweight materials. Hybrid cars offer a ton more then just being hybrid they are safe, reliable and cost less then other suv's.

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Depends faster cars are not that safe so go for bigger but not to fast

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