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yes, there are, you just need to look well and you'll find it, be sure you read the terms and conditions of the chat room

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Are there any chat rooms for a 9 year old?

yes there are club penguin dizzywood kids.com there you go 9 year old chat and over

Are there nine year old chat rooms?

I doubt there is, Chat rooms are used mostly for teens and adults

Is it right for a 40 year old woman in chat rooms?

40 year old women are sexy,mature,experienced,and knowledgeable enough to make wise decisions.So,a 40 yr old lady has the perfect right to be in chat rooms or any where there heart desires.

Where is the 9 year old free chatting rooms?

its right next to the 40 year old pedophile chat room

Is there just 9 year old chat rooms?

no because people will pretend to be someone there not

Is there a chat room for 12 year olds?

There are probably alot of chat rooms for young children like 12 years old.

Are there chat rooms for 8 year old's?

There is no need for an eight year old to talk in a chat room. Dumb people these days...Well i am 8 i am soo not Dumb.

Why are chat rooms unsafe?

Chat rooms are unsfae for many reasons. Firtst of all, you can never really know who you're talking too. They can say that they are a 10 year old girl when they are a 54 year old man. And when you tell people info about yourself, they could use it against you. Maybe Blackmail, or worse. When you are in chat rooms, you have to be carful. Not to say where you live/work and stuff.

Can you list save chat rooms for 12 year old that you chat 3d chat?

well,you can chat to people on stardoll and do a suite chat that looks like it is in 3d,but for people that is 13 and over can go on IMVU

Are there any chat rooms for a ten year old?

yes there are some. here they are, * miskits.com * bobbyjackbrand.com * kidscom.comi hope that helped youyes ,''clubpenguin'' and ''moishi monsters ''

Are there chat rooms for 11 year old kids?

Club Pebnguin, penguin chat3,other virtual worlds

What are some chat rooms that are safe for 10 year old girls?

Yes their are if you go on www.zwinkycuties.com you get safe chat choices so ya um go to it

Are there any safe chat rooms for a 9 yr old?

kidswirl is a good place were you can get your hole family involved

Is there any chat rooms for 10 year old girls?

well, here are some ideas: -clubpenguin.com -virtualfamilykingdom.com -supersecret.com -webkinz.com -whyville.com -buildabearville.com -webmessenger.yahoo.com hope i helped!

Are there any chat rooms for 11 year old kids?

Try there.com or webkinz.com or clubpenguin.com or ziwnky.com plus zwinky is for kids and there's imvu.com My favorites are virtualfamilykingdom.com and dizzywood.com

What are some chat rooms for nine years old?

Real friends. They work even better then chat rooms. If you are looking specifically chat rooms, I can't really suggest anything "safe', because finding a chat room strictly for children isn't that easy on the internet.

Should students use online chat rooms?

depends on how old you are and the reason behind the chat room

What are some examples of safe chat rooms for kids under 13?

Club Penguin is an excellent place for children under 13 to chat. It is a virtual world with penguins and there is a swear filter. It is a fun place for children to chat. The majority of chat rooms are not safe for children under 13 since a forty year old can pose as a child.

I am an 11 year old lesbian are there any websites for me?

Yes u can go on chathour there are rooms for 11 year old lesbians

Is there a 9 year old chat room?

They are chat rooms for children from 7 or over like Moshi monsters, club penguin and Moviestarplanet moviestarplanet isn't really safe because teenagers hang around there.

What is the age limit for using 321 Gay Teen Chat?

321 Gay Teen Chat is a chat room for LGBT boys and girls. 321 Gay Teen Chat has a variety of different themed chat rooms as well as the option of private messaging. The age limits for the teen chat rooms are between 13 and 20 years old.

What are the best websites for 9 year old girls?

club penguin MovieStarPlanet (stay away from chat rooms and forums) Stardoll (again stay away from chat rooms) Moshi Monsters Fantage (keep away from Star Cafe and spend as little time outside the shops in Downtown as possible.)

Why are some adults in chat rooms immature?

Immature Adults in Chat RoomsIt might be because the adult has never matured emotionally or they could just be fooling around. It could also be that the person isn't quite as old as you think they are.

What is some chat rooms for 11 -10 years old?

Club Penguin is a good, safe one .

Are there any chat rooms for kids UNDER 13 years old?

Many game sites that are designed for young children have chat rooms, some with limited access, but you will need parental permission to access those web sites if you are under the age of 13. Some suggestions are: Club Penguin Virtual Family Kingdom Moshi Monsters

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