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Steaks combined with a weight lifting program will make you muscular system larger. Also, raw eggs, be careful on anything raw though.

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Food cannot be targeted. The only way you can selectively increase the size of a body part is exercise to build up muscle.

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Q: Are there any foods that will make your bigger but not your thighs?
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What foods should you eat to make bigger thighs?

Any food that is fatty, greasy, or high in calories. Also don't exercise, if you sit around or sleep after eating that helps.

How can I make my thighs and legs skinner without gaining any muscle?

You can make your thighs and legs skinner without gaining any muscle by running long distance

Can masturbationg make your penis bigger?

No, we get what we get and have to make the best of it. Nothing is going to make it any bigger.

How can you make dick bigger without pills?

You don't, nothing is going to make it any bigger.

How do you make my thighs bigger?

Well, like any other part of the body you can gain weight the usual way. Eating things with more fat but that also have protein as opposed to more vegetables and fruits. However, every person's body is different, and if you gain weight to say your hips instead of your thighs, there's really nothing you can do.

How you can make your penis bigger with hand?

You got what you got. It will never be any bigger!

Are there any vitamins that make the butt bigger?


What are some good exercises to tone your thighs?

Any type of squats are good for your thighs and butt!!

Are there any pills you can take to make your butt bigger?


Are there any foods that make you get your period?

No. It is all hormones.

How do you make your thighs bigger?

There are two ways to make your thighs or any body part larger, but only one of them can be controlled, relatively speaking. The first method is to simply consume more calories than you burn. Your body will begin to store excess calories as fat and that fat will, depending on your genetics, begin to accumulate in various parts of your body, including your thighs.The second method is to exercise your thighs. Unlike the first method, exercise allows you to target a particular body part in order to increase its size. In addition, the increased size you experience from exercise is caused by the creation of more muscle tissue, rather than fat. As your body adapts to the exercise it will begin creating new muscle fibers to help with the work. This, in turn, increases the size of the muscle. So, if you want bigger thighs, you should perform exercises that use your thigh muscles.

Does Pomergranate Make Your penis Bigger And Longer?

No. The size of your penis can not be changed in any way, only by operations and actually they don't make it bigger. The just do some tricks to make it appear bigger.

Where can you get injections to make your booty bigger?

Any PLastic surgeon . you know there are natural ways to get a bigger bottom

Are there foods made of gas?

I don't think there are any foods made of gas! But there are foods that make you let out gas like baked beans!

Are there foods that will make your butt bigger?

If you want to make your butt bigger you'll have to excercise and make the muscle bigger.If you want a bigger butt, you should work on it through butt exercises such as squats, lunges, etc. Your butt muscles (gluteus maximus) is one of the biggest muscles in your body. Meaning, you can make it grow and shape it up just like any other muscle in your body. So if you're really looking for what foods to eat, you need protein to build muscle, so eat meals rich in protein and make sure to do these butt exercises.All foods go to your butt along with the rest of your body. Just like getting the fat off there is no way to target the area it happens in.

Do any kinds of fruits make your breasts bigger?


Are there any foods that can make a males penis bigger during puberty?

In a word...NO. If there was a food that helped peoples penises to grow every guy would be eating it and you'd already have heard of it.

Can smoking weed make your penis bigger?

yes,but u dont have one so it cant get any bigger

Does drinking water make lips bigger?

No, not for any reasonable amount.

Does Toms Foods Inc make coconut slices any more?

No they do not:(

Does pizza make your booty bigger?

No. Pizza nor does ANY other food SPECIFICALLY make your booty bigger. If you don;t have one then you have to work out and eat more. But make sure you work out.

Does walking build muscle?

Yes, walking does build muscle in your thighs and calf muscles. It also helps to tighten your stomach. Overall, walking is good for you and your muscles. Yes it does. Any activity that involves repeated flexion of a muscle or a group of muscles will eventually make that muscle bigger and more powerful.

What can you do to make your breast bigger?

Well there's a rumor that eating poppy seeds can make them bigger but you shouldn't believe that. The mass of your breasts is genetic so look at your parents and grandparents. There isn't really any way to make them bigger without surgery though.....

Does eating corn muffins make your butt bigger?

If you get enough calories FROM ANY SOURCE, your butt will get bigger... so will everything else.

How do i rub my breasts so they will grow?

will my boobs get bigger if i rub any Vaseline on it ? II'm 12 how can i make my boobs look bigger?