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This link is a resource for water problems. You don't need to buy THEIR filter, but it at least points you in the right direction.

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Q: Are there any kind of filters that fix sulfur water?
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What percent of water in sulfur?

There is no water in sulfur; sulfur is an element and therefore does not contain any other chemical substance.

How do you filter stinky sulfurous water?

Get Rid of Sulfur Odor in WaterIf you are not dealing with any other issues other than sulfur (rotten egg odor) in your water, then simple aeration will work to rid the water of sulfur. An aerator is a device that allows the offending gases to be aerated out of the water. If you are also dealing with iron and / or manganese as well then there are systems including iron, sulfur and manganese systems that will address it. If you have any type of sulfur bacteria, then you will need a chlorinator.

How much energy does it use to filter water?

Water filters dont use any energy.

Does sulfur powder dissolve in water?

when we are doing our experiment, it requires us to filter sulfur powder and check if any residue is left. first we combined sulfur to water in a test tube. It didnt mix with water nor did it move actually. it just float atop the water. This experiment proves that sulfur is is less dense that water. Next, we are ready to filter the water with sulfur powder. but when it was filtered, all , every single bit of sulfur was filtered and what was left was clear and clean water. also the sulfur powder appears as if it was not wet.

What kind of filters if any are required for use with Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

Dolce Gusto coffee machine doesn't use any kind of filter.

Is sulfar a mechanical mixture?

No. Sulphur or if you must Sulfur is an element. It is not a mixture of any kind.

What kind of water do newts need?

Any Kind, I would Recommend Fresh Water. I am pretty sure any kind of water. 87%

Are there any shower filters that don't lower water pressure?

I will say you can take a look at aquasana shower water filter.

How do you remove sulfur water stains. I just moved into a new apt that has sulfur well water. The shower doors have water spots I can't seem to get rid of. Any suggestions?

Try WD40

What kind of oil filter is for a 2008 chev impala?

Any place that sells oil filters can tell you the correct one. I recommend AC/Delco, Purolator, Bosch, or Wix filters.

What is the best kind of water for boiled?

The wet kind. You can boil any water.

How many protons in S-2?

The same as in all sulfur atoms and ions of any kind: 16.

Do you leave the pump on when swimming in an above ground pool?

Yes , it filters out the water taking out any bugs or so while cleaning the water.

Why is sulfur an undesireable part of coal?

Sulfur is an undesirable constituent of coal because the primary use of coal is burning the coal to supply energy. Any sulfur present in the coal is usually converted, when the coal is burned, into an oxide of sulfur that can acidify rain water when it escapes into the atmosphere.

Do ghost shrimp need filters?

Filters are beneficial for any aquatic life.

How do we treat our water to make it drinkable?

We remove solid particles from the water by passing it through several filters of various sized stones/pebbles and sand. We use osmotic filters to remove salts and chemicals from the water. We treat the water with a chlorine or other substance to kill any potentially harmful bacteria that may be in the water or will grow in the water.

What is Poseidon attributes?

any kind of water or water animal

Do these filters work in any PC?

Yes, filters will work in any PC. However, make sure the filters are the right size for your computer (80 mm, 120 mm, &tc.)

Is sulfur oxide an element or a compound?

Sulfur (sulphur) dioxide and sulfur trioxide all are compounds, as ANY oxide is.

Are there any filters on the throttle body?


Help you make your muddy well water clear it is muddy?

Unclear meaning there ? - If you want to generally clarify any well water, fit a simple sediment filter followed by a carbon filter. Then get it tested by taking a sample after the filters.Unclear meaning there ? If you want to generally clarify any well water, fit a simple sediment filter followed by a carbon filter. Then get it tested by taking a sample after the filters.

Can you bring a water filter to Malaysia?

I cant see any reason why you could not. But you can buy water filters in Malaysia as well. By the way, the water in Malaysia is safe, except when there is some flooding.

What water do you use to spray on pixos?

any kind of regular water

What will take the rust out of well water?

What you see may not be rust. It could be anything. A lab test is absolutely necessary before drinking any well water. This should be done annually and is the only way to decide what kind of filters you need.

Can contaminated well water cause a paralysing effect in body joints?

Possibly. -Don't take any chances, take a sample for lab analysis then fit appropriate filters .Possibly. -Don't take any chances, take a sample for lab analysis then fit appropriate filters .