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Yes, in most instances the minor will need to petition the court for emancipation rights; in some states this is referred to as "Relief of Disability of Age of a Minor." Only a few states have established grounds and procedures for the filing of an emancipation decree. The other option is for the parents to petition the proper court of venue to be voluntarily relieved of their parental obligations.

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2015-07-15 21:19:16
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Q: Are there any papers that parents need to sign to let their child move out and not have legal responsibilities as a parent since the child is 17?
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What responsibilities does a God Parent Have?

It is the responsibilities good parents have is to bring the child in the fear of god.

What are the legal responsibilities for a parent that has a child over the age of 18?

In indiana are the parents responsible for supporting their child after they turn 18?

Does a parent still pay child maitenance if the child is adopted by his mothers husband?

Typically, an adoption terminates the rights and responsibilities of the biological parents.

What are responsibilities of parents?

The responsibilities of a parent are numerous. Parents are responsible for food, clothes and necessities as well as keeping the child safe. Emotional, mental, and spiritual support are very important and most importantly making sure they are loved.

In Georgia does relinquishing rights to a child relieve a parent of child support responsibilities?

Yes. I am in Georgia and I adopted my niece. The biological parents were relinquished of all rights to the child, even child support responsibility.

Can a 17 year old mother live alone with her child if her parent is okay with it?

Yes. It does not relieve the parents of their responsibilities. And it does not give her the right to contract.

What is the difference between child domain and parents domain?

Parent roles/children roles in the household. Etc. Parents have responsibilities for their child yet they have a seperate domain for their individual selves. Child domain I assume would be his chores/activities children do that is seperate from the parents role

Can a father sign awaw his rights if he is afraid he will hurt the child?

Yes. In California, both parents must agree if one parent wishes to terminate his rights and responsibilities to his child.

What if a child parents want to give you the child?

You still have to be evaluated by the authorities. If the parent wont, or can't take care of their child they can't just turn it over to anyone. proper papers needs to be filled.

At what age can an adopted child move out?

A legally adopted child will be treated as any other minor. Their adopted parents have the same rights and responsibilities as a biological parent. So, the answer is probably 18.

Can a parent with joint custody over a child change the child's school without the other parents consent?

Even in joint custody, the order will name rights and responsibilities of each parent. Only one parent should have the right to chose the school. That parent may change the school without the other parent's permission.

Who has custody of child if parents never married in Florida and the child already lives with you?

When a parent does not have court ordered custody papers..any parent can have thr chilld...EX if the father takes him and doesn't want to return them well there is nothing you can do...if you call the police..they want a copy of the court ordered custody papers to remove the child from the non custodial parent....protect yourself get court ordered children were take by their father...i had no choice but to wait it out till he decided to return them...I did not have custody papers and nothing could be done since he was the father

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