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Japan has had a tsunami

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Q: Are there any places where tsunami happen?
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Related questions

Are there any places where tsunami happen other than japan?

thailand for sure probably many others too!

Where does a tsunami mostly happen?

In places nearer to the equator.

Where does a tsunami happen most?

A tsunami happens near the sea or any beach

Are there any tsunami?

yes one or two happen in japan

When did the tsunami in 2004 happen?

what part of Thailand did the tsunami 2004 happen

Can a tsunami hit Pennsylvania?

No, it's not possible for a tsunami to hit Pennsylvania because the state isn't close enough to any very large bodies of water for a tsunami to happen.

What time of year is tsunami season?

There is none. Tsunamis can happen at any time.

What time does tsunami usually occur?

A tsunami can happen any time they mostly happen after earthquakes so if your close by the beach you better start running to the highest place. Underwater earthquakes trigger tsunamis

Where can a tsunami happen?

Anywhere with large amounts of water. Tsunami's happen when an earthquake occurs under or close to large bodies of water. The shudders cause huge waves to travel towards coastlines. Places that are more earthquake prone are around the edges of continental plates.

In what climates do tsunamis happen?

Climate has nothing to do with the formation of a tsunami. Tsunamis occur in places where there are a lot of active submarine earthquake zones.

How many times have a tsunamis happen?

Countless times. They date back in time and today historians are discovering places that have been affected by a tsunami.

When did Japan earthquake happen before or after the tsunami?

The Earthquake occurred before the tsunami as it is what caused the tsunami.

How does a scientist know that a tsunami will happen?

A scientist knows when a tsunami will happen depending on the wheather that day and the waves movements.

What is the difference between a tsunami and seismic waves?

tsunami's happen underwater and seismic waves happen on land or underground.

What are the places a tsunami happens in the us?

A tsunami happens most often at Hawaii.

What weather happens during a tsunami?

Tsunamis can happen under any weather conditions as they are not weather-related.

When did the major tsunami happen?

The Indian Earthquake Tsunami happened in 2004.

Why did the tsunami in Japan happen?

The Tsunami was caused by the large earthquake that preceded it.

Will Japan's Earthquake bring a Tsunami to America?

Yes, to certain places in America. They have sent out tsunami alerts in places like Guam, California and Hawaii. In Hawaii the tsunami height is about 2.1m (6.9 ft).

Will the mega tsunami effect London?

It is unknown what places will be affected by the next mega tsunami.

Is a tsunami likely to happen in Michigan?

No. Even though the state is surrounded with water it doesn't have enough for such the thing to happen. And plus there is no sea that connects to any of the lakes.

How do you know if a tsunami's about to happen?

If you're on a beach and suddenly the water get's sucked in quickly that usually means a tsunami's going to happen.

What are some places to be during a tsunami?

some places are places that don't have tsunamis occuring.

When will a tsunami hit Ireland?

It is impossible to predict when a tsunami will happen until it is triggered.

When did the tsunami of sumatra happen?

The tsunami of Sumatra happened on December 14, 2004.