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Is there a place to find rules and regulations for repossessing vehicles in the state of Indiana? Popularity: 4 Question asked by Jason McClain on September 22, 2004. How do you go about starting a repossession business in Indiana? Popularity: 3 Question asked by Jesse Hamilton on September 25, 2004.

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Q: Are there any special licenses registrations or bonds needed to run a repossession business in Indiana?
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What documentation is needed to get a repossession title in Indiana?

A certified copy of the contract is all that is needed to obtain a repossession title in the state of Indiana. One does not have to be licensed to become a repo agent in Indiana.

What is the process for getting a business license in Indiana?

The first thing to do when getting a business license in Indiana is to go to Indiana's occupational business license portal. This portal lists the available business licenses and the agencies that issue certain licenses. The next thing to do is to contact the correct agency. Each agency has specific requirements for obtaining a certain type of license. If the business is going to be in a stand-alone building, a building license is also needed. Finally the business must be incorporated. This can be completed by visiting the Secretary of State's website.

What license or licenses you need to start your own repossession agency or business in Indiana?

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 100 N. Senate Ave., #401, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. Tel:(317)233-6000. I bet they can help. Surely you need a TAX license so you can pay sales tax. IF you are in the city, Im sure they will want a little bit every year for something. Good Luck

Are Indiana drivers licenses in compliance with the federal REAL ID Act?

Yes, Indiana drivers licenses are in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act.

Is there a statute of limitations on suspended driver's licenses in Indiana?

No, there is not.

What states journeyman electrician licenses can transfer to Indiana?


Indiana repossession law?

I'm not sure what you are asking. If you want to know what to do about a repossession that took place in Indiana then your best option is to negotiate a settlement. Or, if you have had a repossession on your credit report and are not sure if it is older then the statue of limitation then your best bet is check the Date of Last Activity on your most recent credit report.

Indiana requirements for marriage license?

Each county in Indiana has its own rules for obtaining marriage licenses. The below link will connect you to the website "Free Public Records Directory" for Indiana. Look up the County where you live and then click on "Marriage Licenses." There will be either a direct link to the County office or contact information for licenses.

How many same-sex couples have married in Wayne County Indiana?

Wayne County, Indiana has not begun issuing same sex marriage licenses. The county will begin issuing the licenses on 6/26/14.

When was Indiana Business Research Center created?

Indiana Business Research Center was created in 1925.

How do you go about starting a repossession business in Indiana?

== == TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by lien holder. LICENSE REGISTRATION: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 100 N. Senate Ave., #401, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. Tel:(317)233-6000. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Certified copy of Contract Form 1 Certificate of Repossession from California, Tennessee, Texas). All other states must have a repo title in the client's name. PLATES: Remain with the debtor.

Is it against the law to hide your car from being repossessed in Indiana?

It is against the law to hide your car from repossession in every state. It is called fraud, interfering with repossession, auto theft in some states. In Indiana it is routinely dealt with by replevin, an order from the court to surrender the property or go to jail and surrender the property.

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