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I just replaced the regulator motor in my daughters 2000 Grand Prix. I am no everyday mechanic or weekend mechanic for that mater. I pulled off the door panel by removing the two small torque screws behind the inside door handle. You will find them by popping out the two little plastic plugs that hide the holes. Remove the window controls by pushing up not pulling up from the bottom to free the controls. Remove the connectors by using a screw driver to push the clip in to release.

Use anything real flat (Putty knife) to slide between the door and the inside of the panel until you find the plastic retainer plugs, pry the panel gently away from the door popping out the plugs.

Remove the panel and plastic dust cover stuck to the door which you may have to cut a little. Now all you have to do is remove bolts that hold the regulator and motor in and unplug the motor. They are all the same size bolts and two that are connected to the window itself. Push the window up in place and tape so it stays up... replace the regulator motor (Got mine on Now put everything back together.. Took me about an hour.

Good luck.

AnswerCheck out the following website for instructions on this common fix.

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Q: Are there any step-by-step instructions for installing a window regulator motor for a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?
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