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You should have a lot of foods with calcium in them. It makes your bones grow stronger and could help make them grow taller. So, drink a lot of milk and eat cheese. Yes, you can fake it by using iether lifts (inserts in ones shoes) or you can actually have surgery. I believe only countries outside the US will preform the surgery. It consists of the doctor breaking both of your legs (in the shin area) and placing braces on them while they heal. The broken area is gradually pulled 2-3 inches apart as the bone grows back together. I think this procedure takes about 6 months to complete. If you only need 2 or 3 inches added on it may be worth it.

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Q: Are there any ways you can make yourself taller?
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If you are a 5' 4 16-year-old can you grow any taller?

I don't think you can make yourself taller. I am 20 and only 5' 2!

If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

Is it possible to make yourself shorter?

nope ive tried. But you can make youself stop growing by drinking alot of coffee. This will make sure you dont get any taller.

What kind of shoes make you look taller?

A type of shoes that make you look taller are high heels. Any type of a shoe with a taller heel will give the look of increased height.

Does yoga help you grow taller?

It won't make you physically grow any taller, no. It will however improve your posture and flexibility, make you sit/stand up straight and appear taller.

Do monster energy drinks make you not grow any taller?


Does bike riding make you any taller?

Not really but stretching does by improving your posture

How can you grow become taller?

A person grows tall depending upon intrinsic genetic code. You cannot become taller than your natural height. Doing any exercise, taking any medicine, particular diet . . . nothing can make you taller or shorter.

How much exercise like push ups and hanging do you need every day to grow taller?

Believe it or not, any form of exercise that you may do will not make you grow taller. Your height for when you are finished growing is predetermined, but can be changed slightly. Certain exercises will not make you grow taller.

How do you make yourself heavier for the weigh in?

drink lots and lots of water put realy heavy braclets on that what i do any way i was wondering if there was any other ways as i need to gain 3kg for my wiegh in

Does push up do any effects on height?

not necessarily.. but it will improve your posture, which will make you seem taller.

Is there any way for a 30 year old man to grow taller?

Smaller to taller is a site that specializes in making people taller naturally by up to 3 inches. They show how by following a detailed exercise program and specific sleeping patterns that are scientifically proven to slowly make people taller.

Are there any natural beauty products you can make yourself?

Yes, if you have the right tools and ingredients you can make all of your products yourself.

How can i make any girl want me?

You can make any girl want you by being polite and being yourself.

How many ways are there to make a dish interesting?

There are many ways to make any dish interesting - think about presentation and colour.

Does it make you taller if you skip and jump a lot?

No, neither makes any difference on how tall or short you will become. This is in your DNA.

Can alfalfa help people get taller?

No. Your height and body type depend on genetics. If your parents aren't tall, chances are you won't be either. There are always exceptions to the rule, but eating certain foods, exercising, stetching, etc. won't make you any taller. Wrong!! I grew 1 inch taller through stretching and hanging on a bar! Its hard work but it can be done. Alfalfa won't make you taller

What are some good ways to avoid binge eating?

Set yourself a goal. Make sure you look at really fat and ugly people and tell yourself you never want to look like it. Then make sure you don't eat any more pie.

How can you make your self tall?

If you have a healthy diet and do not suffer certain diseases that interfere with growth, you will naturally reach the height that is coded into your DNA. You cannot make yourself taller than that (except a little bit by very difficult and painful surgery when you are an adult), and you cannot make yourself grow any faster. Play basketball at your "Golden Age" I mean 15-22, it's great help, really

Is a gorilla taller than a tiger?

Yes. Any species of gorillas are taller than tigers.

Do England make any cartoons?

Yes. Search yourself.

How can you make yourself sterile without any operation?


Do you lose weight and get taller by playing football?

The workout, practice and game schedule might well induce one to lose weight, but like all exercise any weight loss program also involves controlling one's intake. As to getting taller, the answer is absolutely not. You have the causation exactly backwards. Taller people have an advantage and therefore do better in the game (all else being equal), which means that players tend to be taller. The game doesn't MAKE them taller any more than basketball does.

Does martial arts make you taller?

No, physical activity is not going to have any sort of major affect on height. It can greatly affect one's build, which can give you the appearance of being healthier and taller, but your height is determined by genetics.

Are all the planets a perfect circle are there any that are fatter or taller?

Yes they are a perfect circle.some are fatter and taller