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Are there carriers writing general liability for residential general contractors who do shingle roofing and vinyl siding and sub out their labor?


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There are many companies writing this type of liability insurance, although depending where you are in the country it can be a very limited number of choices. As I always recommend, working with an agent that specializes in this field can make the process much easier.


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What your looking for is Commercial General Liability Insurance for contractors, not professional liability insurance.And Yes. Almost any Commercial lines carrier will provide CGL coverage as well..

Contractors general liability insurance is based on one of two things, total receipts or payroll and cost of subcontractors. Contractors general liability insurance covers a company if their employees get hurt on the job or cause damage to a property while working.

General building contractors build residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, while heavy construction contractors build structures such as roads, highways, and bridges.

A Professional liability insurance Policy, as well as a contractors General Liability Insurance policy will provide coverage for the cost of legal defense.

Homeowners insurance does not have liability coverage for your job occupation. You can obtain contractors insurance for liability coverage.

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Comprehensive general liability insurance covers businesses against many liability exposures of a business. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage includes completed operations, elevators, independent contractors, and more.

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General contractors have high liability because they are responsible for so many important things in a house. It is dangerous to have certain things fixed wrong and this insurance protects them from being sued.

Yellowpages is a great resource to find a contractor for general liability insurance in Mobile, Alabama. The website contains contact information for multiple contractors.

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In California, "A" contractors are engineers and "B" contractors are general contractors.

Yes, That's why you always make sure your contractors are insured before you hire them. The contractor should always carry General liability insurance to cover the cost of accidental damage to a property they perform work on. Most General Liability Insurance policies will also have coverage for completed products and operations as well.

General contracts must carry at a minimum liability insurance along with being bonded by the state. Liability insurance should be no less than $1 million and could be much higher depending on the job.

yes, waiver of subrogation are common to have on general liability but:Your policy might not automatically have itCarriers sometimes charge extra premium for itYou should have a written contract requesting it if you are going to get one done

General liability covers Public and Producs Liability, therefore by having General Liability cover, public liability is covered also.

No, there is no legal requirement at the time of this answer. There is however a requirement for registration with the state of Texas. Having General Liability Insurance though is the first sign that you are hiring a responsible and perhaps reputable Contractor.

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The cost of general liability depends on.1) The type of contracting work you plan to do (Commercial, Residential, Demolion etc).2) The amount of work you plan to perform in a year.3) Your expected payroll and/or subcontractor expenses.4) The amount of coverage you want.(Do you want $100,000, $500,000 or $2,000,000 in coverage)A $ 500,000 policy can cost one contractor $5,000 and another $8,000. I recommend getting a few quotes from an insurance agent that specializes in writing policys for general contractors.

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