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No, but if you asked at the time of purchase then they can not lie.

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Q: Are there laws requiring car dealerships to disclose to the consumer if a vehicle was purchased from a rental car agency or used as a Program Vehicle?
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Do dealerships have the right to sell a damaged car at a discounted price?

For new cars, dealerships must disclose any damage that exceeds 5% of the MSRP. They do not have to disclose small damages that have been fixed. For used cars, dealers must disclose damage that is 25% of the fair trade value.

What kind of things are dealerships supposed to disclose before you buy a used car?

We just bought a used car last Sunday and asked the same question. They are supposed to disclose if there is a lemon law for the vehicle, if it a salvage title and if it was in any accidents. Good luck:)

How long does the lender has to redisclose on a home equity loan?

How long does a lender have to re-disclose to the consumer after a change in circumstance?

Is it the dealers responsibility to disclose to the buyer that a vehicle was purchased from a salvage yard?


If a car has a salvaged title can it still be legally sold by a car lot?

Absolutely,a dealer can sell you a vehicle with a salvaged title. Each state has there own laws but in most states you must disclose to the consumer that the vehicle you are selling to them has SALVAGED history. The selling dealer must disclose this on the state title forms and on the BILL of SALE.If the selling dealer does not disclose this,then you have a legal rights against the dealer.

Which form of government regulation is being enforced when a business is required to disclose information about products?

Keep in mind who buys the products from a business? Consumers. Therefore,consumer protection is the answer.

Does an apartment management have to disclose an death that occurred in an apartment?

Some regions may have laws requiring it. It is not necessary in most places; however, if the manager is asked whether a death occurred they must tell the truth about it.

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She wouldn't disclose where she had bought her shoes.

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no they are not bound to disclose there earnings. its optional

What information does Anne Frank disclose about her grandparents?

esne disclose about her grandparents

What are Benchmarks of government for consumers awareness?

Government benchmarks requires companies to disclose what is previously viewed as private information to the consumer. An example is companies selling food that have genetically been modified.

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To disclose is to share information that was hidden. The opposite would be to conceal.

Can you get the serial number of gun using the name who purchased the gun?

It may be possible for collectible guns made by Colt and Smith & Wesson by checking with the company. For most other firearms a manufacturer will either not have these records or will not disclose them for privacy reasons. A dealer who sold the gun will have a record of it, but also will not disclose it to anyone but law enforcement.

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The bank were not willing to disclose the account information to me over the phone

Can an adult in New Hampshire sell a non working car to a 17 yr old and not return their money?

Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.If the car was purchased with cash, then there is no issue with contract fraud. There may, however, be an issue with consumer fraud if the seller did not disclose knowledge of the condition of the car. The buyer should contact the fraud division of the loacal prosecutor's office and give them details on the transaction.

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Do you legally have to disclose that a car has a salvage title to a buyer?

Yes you do have disclose a salvage titled vehicle.

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It depends on whom they are giving the information. Agencies such as the IRS are entitled to such information. Creditors generally are given permission by the consumer to access of such info., as a means of verification for credit approval.

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You are to disclose your gender to health service providers.Whether you are married or virgin,you are not bound to disclose while applying for a health insurance policy.

Can you return a car that was purchased yesterday the dealer did not disclose the brakes are bad until after the deal was finalized a used car?

In the UK if a car is unfit for the road not only may you return the car the vendor can be prosecuted

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Disciple comes first, then disclaim, and then disclose.

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The word disclose is a verb. It cannot be used as an adverb.A synonym, reveal, has the adverb form revealingly which, however, means something slightly different. Disclose does not have such a form.

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Do auto auctions have to disclose all previous damage to a car when they sell it in Iowa?

No they do not have to disclose all previous damage.