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Q: Is it the dealers responsibility to disclose to the buyer that a vehicle was purchased from a salvage yard?
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Do you legally have to disclose that a car has a salvage title to a buyer?

Yes you do have disclose a salvage titled vehicle.

Does a car with salvage title qualify for CARS?

The salvage title has to do with obtaining a loan on the car. However, I would disclose it.

How does someone salvage cars?

A salvage vehicle is one that has received a certain percentage of the vehicle's worth in damage (determined by the state the vehicle is registered in). To salvage a vehicle in most states, one must be licensed to repair the vehicles and the vehicle, once repaired, usually has to be inspected. If the vehicle is salvaged and repaired to be sold, it is the responsibility of the seller to disclose the salvage title.

We bought a vehicle with an undisclosed Rebuilt Salvage Title in Kansas is there recourse?

In Kansas a private sell doesn't have to disclose a Salvage title

You bought a car from a dealer he did not disclose that the car has a salvage title is there any recorse?

Not all states require a salvage title. Any recourse would have to be determined by the laws of the state in which you currently reside. If your state does require a salvage title, then the dealer is responsible for making sure you have that information. A lot of dealers buy vehicles from auction houses around the country and they may have gotten a vehicle that they didn't know that information or the state where it was purchased didn't require a salvage title. So you will need to look at your state laws and also the total history of the vehicle to see what laws apply.

You bought a car and the dealer didn't tell you it had a salvage title?

Did you get or see a title when you purchased the car? If the dealer knowingly sold you a salvage vehicle without full disclosure, ask for a refund or threaten legal action. It's illegal not to disclose such info. This is not the case for a private seller.

Where can someone purchase Salvage clothing online?

Salvage clothing can be purchased from sites like Revolveclothing, Stylerocket, Showstopper Urbanwear, and Emoda. Salvage clothing may also be purchased from local thrift stores.

Can you get an auto loan on a salvage car?

Yes, some small dealers sell them (and finance)

Is it legal to sell a car with salvage title in Texas?

Of course. But you must clearly disclose the title status to the buyer.

Can a vehicle with a certificate of destruction be titled and driven?

In many states, a slavage vehicle can be inspected and receive a "salvage title". If you ever want to sell the vehicle you'll have to disclose the salvage title.

Where can I buy salvage cars that look good?

There are many online sites available that sell salvage cars. One way to find local salvage lots is to use the Yellow Pages ( and specify your geographic location to find local dealers selling salvage cars.

Where do you buy a rack and pinion?

Try an auto salvage yard. Also auto parts stores and auto dealers.

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