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it really depend on the age. If the pregnant teen is under 18 then the father can be put in jail for stat rape if the parents of the girl choose to.

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Q: Are there legal consequences for a pregnant teen for the father?
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If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support?


If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support or can the underage teen control that?

well yeh you have to give support you got her pregnant for the love of god

What does the father have to pay to a pregnant teen?

the amount that a father must pay a pregnant teen can only be decided by a judge in a court of law. the amount that is ordered is usually dependent upon the amount he earns from his wages.

Can a parent force a pregnant teen to leave the house when that parent has legal custody?

A pregnant teen (or any teen) can be kicked out of a house. However, if they are not put in alternate housing (foster care, etc), if anything happens to that child the legal guardian is still legally responsible.

What are teen laws on pregnancy?

There are none.If you get pregnant and you are both teens then there is no legal trouble.

What to do when parents of unwed pregnant daughter deny the teen father?

Now there are many ways to prove the child is the teen father a sperm test or a D.N.A test will do it to convince them.

What is the legal age for a pregnant teen to move out without their parents consent in Ohio?


If you are 16 and pregnant and want to let the father hold the kid under his famill roof does the parents of the pregnant teen hav any say?


Is it true if a underage teen is pregnant that the father of the underage boy has to pay child support?

Yes the boys father will have to pay the medical bill.

If a teen becomes pregnant can they marry even if the father of the child cannot provide financial support?

I believe that depends on what state said teen parents live in...

What is the youngest age to get married if teen is pregnant already?

This depends on what country you live in; there are many different "legal ages", depending on the country. If the teen(s) are below the legal age, I think they can still get married with parental consent...

Legal responsibilities for parents of pregnant teen 16 year old daughter is pregnant and refuses to come home or go to school am i responsible?

Unless 16 is the legal age where you are, you are responsible for her unless she gets emancipated.

Can a pregnant Teenager of the age seventeen live with the father and his parents as long as the parent of the pregnant teen just gives the fathers family guardianship?

I think that if the young lady´s parents do not have a problem with it, it is not really necessary to worry about the legal side of it, since there are not likely to be any problems.

Do parents object to teen pregnancy?

Yes, I would say that a very big majority is not happy when their teen comes home telling them she's pregnant or that he is going to become a father.

What is the law if a 17 year old teen is pregnant and the father is 19 in the state of Arizona.?

bont chinca wow wow

How old is the youngest teen to get pregnant?

11 (techally not a teen, but a pre teen)

What if a 16-year-old teen girl is pregnant and the father is 22 but it was her own will to have sex and the father does want to take the stand can he get arrested In Houston?


Is it more likely for a teen to get pregnant?

No a teen has just as much of a chance of becoming pregnant as an older woman.

How do you get your teen sim pregnant on sims 2 double deluxe?

how to get your sims 2 deluxe teen pregnant

What are the consequences of being a teen vandal?

juvenile hall.

Is it legal for a pregnant teen to leave home?

Being pregnant does not affect your ability to move out. Until you turn 18 or are emancipated you need your parent's permission to move out and live somewhere else.

Can teen girls get pregnanT?

Teen girls can get pregnant, don't you watch MTV? Teen mom, with those 16 year old mothers? theres even been mothers as young as 10, so yes teen girls can get pregnant.

What is teen pregnancy?

When a teen, a girl from 13-19yo, is pregnant.

In Montana can a pregnant 15-year-old move in with the baby's father and his parents with out the teen mother's say?

No, they cannot.

Is it hard for a teen to get pregnant?