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I have the very same rifle, only in single-shot. Mine is minus a bolt and trigger group. Numrichs has millions of guns listed, but very few parts available. My solution: look for parts online by using GoogleAlerts; it searches the entire web and sends emails when matching search terms have been found.

The other option is putting a sling on it and shlepping it to gunshows. Often times a vendor will have a "box of bolts" with a sign declaring "any bolt, __$$". Other than that, our options are limited when it comes to old guns. But then again, that is part of the fun of being a garage gunsmith, yes??

I have bought firing pin parts and clips from Numrich. You can order online. They have schematics to help determine whether your 80 DL is "old style" or "new style". Price seems to be fair. The orders have been received in reasonable amounts of time. I hope that helps.

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Q: Are there parts available for Marlin model 80-DL 22 rifles particularly the bolt?
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What is the value of a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 103.228?

The rifle was made by marlin in good condition its worth about 100 dollars. These are usually good shooters as are most Marlin rifles; its it a keeper. It is also known as a Marlin Model 80. Clip is still available for about $16 directly from Marlin.

What is the value of a marlin model 39 straight stock early 1900?

The first Model Marlin 39 was made from 1922-1938.There were no Marlin model 39 lever action rifles made in 1900.

What year did marlin start making model 880 rifles?


When were marlin 336rc 30 30 rifles made?

The Marlin model 336RC which stands for Regular Carbine were made by Marlin from 1948-1968.

What were the the first dates of manufacturing of the marlin model 25 n?

The Marlin model 25 series of rifles were first made in the years 1987-1988.Your model 25N is one of these.

What is the white circle with the black dot in the middle on the bottom of the Marlin model 780?

It is the Marlin trademark, they put it on all there rifles or use to, it is the Marlin bullseye.

Is the Marlin 925 currently made?

The marlin model 925 series of rifles were made from 2004-2010.So the answer to your question is no.

When was the Marlin model 1893 Serial 229275 made?

The Marlin model 1893 with the serial number you provided was made in 1901. It is one of the first ever lever action rifles and it is also one of the most accurate rifles of it's time.

How do you find the date of manufacture by serial number on marlin rifles model 882ss?

Contact marlin customer service through their website.

What is a marlin model 30as?

The Marlin model 30AS was a No frills model of the model 336 marlin lever action rifle.This model was formerly a model of the Glenfield line of rifles.They were made from 1983-2000.These rifles were chambered in 30-30 Win.only.They had a 20in.barrel and a walnut finished birch stock.

Where can you get owners manuals for the Marlin Model 190 and Marlin 290 22 caliber semi-automatic rifles?

You can go to Marlin's home page and print one from there. I printed one for my model 60. It is in Adobe format.

Was your Marlin model 1936 with serial prefix b made in 1936?

The Marlin Model 1936 Rifles (30-30cal) weremanufactured for only two years, 1936 and 1037. Only the 1937 rifles had serial numbers commenceing with the prefix "B".

What are the production dates of marlin greenfield model 60 22 log rifle?

The Marlin Glenfield model 60 is one of the rifles many variations that was in production from 1966-1982.

Can you put a raised scope on your 30-30 marlin model 336?

Yes.Most marlin model 336 rifles have been drilled and tapped for a scope mount on top of the reciever.

Value of a Marlin Model 336 30-30?

Most Marlin model 336 rifles will range in price from 200-300 dollars,depending on overall condition,and a decent bore.

How much is a marlin 81dl 1920 worth?

My records indicate that the Marlin model 81DL was a promotional model that was made from 1940-1965.The value of these rifles is between 65-100 dollars.

How old is your marlin model 1889?

With out a serial number to go with the model number,I can only say that the Marlin model 1889 was made from 1889-1899,with a total production of 55,000 rifles made during that time span.

What is the value of JC Higgins 103450 Model 45?

marlin 336 these are excellent rifles 250 dollars

What is the value Jc Higgins 22 caliber model 41 dl?

these rifles were made by Marlin 103 vendor code .They are based on the Marlin 80 series rifles .They are one of the better rifles at the time and still are .It should fetch between 75 to 125 dollars depending on condition

How old and where parts are available Marlin model 1893 3030 345935?

there is a marlin collectors site or

What is the age of a Marlin 336CS if the serial starts with 04?

The first two numbers of later model Marlin rifles indicate the year made. Your rifle was made in 2004.

Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Marlin Model 1936 rifle?

Get a copy of the Gun Digest Asembly/Disassembly instructions for centerfire rifles. The Marlin Mod 36 is included.

Does glenfield rifles made by marlin have the same micro groove barrel as the marlin?

My Glenfield Model 25 has a micro-groove barrel,so I imagine others do as well.

Is a Marlin Model 39A the same as Marlin Model 39M?

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

Does the Marlin 336 in cal 356 have micro groove barrels?

Yes the Marlin model 336 in 356Win.caliber has the Micro groove barrel.It should be noted that there were only 1,652 model 336 rifles in this caliber that were ever made.

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