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Are there tax consequences when you move money from an annuity to a mutual fund?

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The answer depends upon whether the annuity was purchased inside an IRA or employer-sponsored ("qualified") plan. If so, then money can be transferred from the annuity to any other investment in that plan (for employer sponsored plans, that means only those investments permitted in that plan; for IRAs, it means any investment you wish to purchase within your IRA) without tax.

There may be surrender chargesimposed by the annuity, but the transfer will not be a taxable event.

If the annuity was purchased outside such plans (with after-tax dollars), then any distribution from the annuity (including a direct transfer to a mutual fund) will be taxable, to the extent of "gain" (contract value in excess of the amount you invested). In addition, if you're under age 59 1/2, there will be a penalty tax of 10% of the distribution (IRC Sect. 72(q)).

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What is the difference between a money market mutual fund and a mutual fund?

A Money market mutual fund is a type of mutual fund that invests specifically in high quality debt instruments. All said and done, a money market fund is also a mutual fund.

Was the Reserve Fund the first money market mutual fund?

The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

Is a money market fund the same as a mutual fund?

A money market fund is a mutual fund, but behaves a little different than most fund.

What was the first money market mutual fund?

The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

When was the first money market mutual fund?

The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

What year was the first money market mutual fund?

The first money market mutual fund (MMMF) was created in 1971 and called the Reserve Fund

What is the definition of a no load mutual fund?

A no load mutual fund is a mutual fund that does not charge a commission or sales charge. This means that you don't have to pay a fee to invest or withdraw your money, and all of your money will go to work in the mutual fund. A no load mutual fund means that there is no or very low fee charge for the fund. These are typically lower than loaded mutual funds.

Difference between mutual fund portfolio construction portfolio construction?

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What was the Reserve Fund?

The Reserve Fund was the first money market mutual fund

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When you own a mutual fund what exactly do you own?

Mutual fund is a low risk investment. If you invest in a mutual fund, you owns shares of the mutual fund company who is selling you fund. But you do not actually own any underlying asset of the stocks or securities that mutual fund has invested in even they are using your money to invest.

Are you taxed when you withdraw money from a mutual fund?

Yes you are taxed when withdrawing money from a mutual fund. Your current tax rate would apply.

Mutual Fund?

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Difference between eqity fund and mutual fund?

Equity is the owners fund and mutual fund is pool money from the investor and invest in securities market. mutual fund has low risk an depends upon market condition.

Can banks invest in mutual funds?

They can invest their own income/profits in a mutual fund but they cannot invest the depositors money in a mutual fund

What are mutual funds?

Mutual fund is a single pool of money collected from a large number of investors. This money is invested in share, bonds and other securities by AMC. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund offers mutual fund products that meet the customers needs.

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What percentage of money goes to the salesman of a mutual fund?

Around 1% of the money you invest in the fund goes to the salesman who sells the fund to you.

How does the risk involved in a money market mutual fund compare with the risk of a certificate of deposit?

The risk of the money market mutual fund is slightly greater than that of the CD

Do fund of funds raise money?

A Fund of Fund is a Mutual Fund where the fund manager does not buy individual stocks. Instead he buys mutual funds of a particular type. Maybe Equity Oriented Funds or Debt Oriented Funds etc. When the Fund of Fund starts an IPO, they raise money from investors and then begin investing money in the various fund schemes

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