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Are there warning signs that an abuser will kill his wife one day?


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A physical abuser is like a time bomb when the victim has no idea as to when it will go off. It could take years before the abuser gets to the point of wanting to kill his wife and it's not done out of planning, but a spur of the moment violent act. He could become so angry the next time he goes after you physically he could press a little too hard when he has his hands around your throat, or, he could hit you so hard your could crack your head open on something you fell on. PHYSICAL ABUSE is your warning sign! It's not normal and should never be tolerated by anyone! I hope you will consider going to the "Abused Women's Center" and talking to the counsellors there. They are terrific people and ready to help. You'll get counselling, programs to attend (you won't feel so alone when you meet other women in the same position as you) and you'll get your self esteem back before you know it. Good luck Marcy Isn't the abuse one of the BIG signs?


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