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Are there waterfalls in Hawaii?

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Yes and just to name a very few - Sacred Falls Manoa Falls Waiohiwi Falls Poakana Falls Hälii Falls

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How many waterfalls are in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a beautiful state, often known as the "Pearl of the Pacific.". It has 30 waterfalls between all of its islands.there are five waterfalls in hawaii

How many great waterfalls are there in Hawaii?


How many waterfalls are in Maui?

There are about 20 waterfalls that are located in Maui, Hawaii. A few of the waterfalls are Waimoku Falls, Makahiku Falls, and Waikani Falls.

Where is the waterfall in Hawaii that goes up?

Maui waterfalls

What actors and actresses appeared in Waterfalls of Hawaii - 2007?

The cast of Waterfalls of Hawaii - 2007 includes: Tiger Lily Jones as Narrator Bruce Mercury as Waterfall hunter

What is the smallest water fall on the island of Hawaii?

Hawaii has thosands of waterfalls, ranging from very large down to a tiny fall of a few inches. I don't know that anyone has ever cataloged the small waterfalls.

What can you do in Maui Hawaii?

There are many great things people can do in Maui, Hawaii. Some things to do are visit Mt. Haleakala, check out the waterfalls, and drive on route 360.

Are the Bahamas prettier than Hawaii?

No, Hawaii is prettier than The Bahamas. How is that? The reason why, is because all 8 of the Islands of Hawaii were formed by underwater volcanoes. Which resulted in huge valleys, bay areas, volcanoes, waterfalls, and lots of rivers.

Are there any tourist attractions in kona hawaii?

"Yes, Kona Hawaii has a lot of stuff to do and see. If you go there there are tons of beautiful waterfalls, and places to go surfing on the island, there are beaches there as well."

What are the two highest waterfalls in the whole of the US?

Both falls are in Hawaii. One is the Olo'upena Falls (2,953 feet) and the other is the Pu'uka'oku Falls (2,756 feet). See the Related Questions Link, below, for information on continental US waterfalls.

Do waterfalls have to be of a certain height to be considered waterfalls?

No, They don't they are classified waterfalls by their features.

What are Idaho's largest waterfalls?

Idaho's largest waterfalls are the Shoshone waterfalls

Are there waterfalls in Australia?

Yes, there are waterfalls in Australia.

Does Mozambique have waterfalls?

yes Mozambique has waterfalls. :)

Are there waterfalls in Tennessee?

There are a bunch of waterfalls in TN

How many waterfalls does the Yangtze have?

1205 waterfalls

How many waterfalls are in Canada?

many waterfalls are in Canada

Does Missouri have a lot of waterfalls?

No, there are few waterfalls in Missouri.

What are waterfalls used for?

waterfalls is just a attraction, it has no use.

How many waterfalls does the river Jordan have?

it has three waterfalls

How many waterfalls does El Yunque have?

It has 3 waterfalls.

How many waterfalls are in a rainforest?

I think it is 45,000,000,000 waterfalls

What are the waterfalls on the Nile?

The waterfalls on the Nile are called cataracts.

Are there waterfalls in many rivers?

There are waterfalls in most rivers.

Are there waterfalls in Sweden?

Yes, there are lots of waterfalls in Sweden.

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