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You could apply for a patent. Contact the US Patent Ofiice for information on how.

2006-09-22 14:33:54
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When should a company put its energy into developing new products rather then trying to re engineer existing products to be more productive?

A company can introduce new product when its existing product is at declining stage

What is product adaptation?

Product adaptation is a kind of marketing strategy wherein a company develop new products. The new product is based on modification of existing items.

When a company grows globally by introducing existing product lines to new markets this is an example of what?


What is the modification of an existing product or process?

Innovation is the modification of an existing product or process.

What is trademark-?

A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

What is meant by product mix decisions?

The product mix is the number of varieties of product that a company sells. Product mix decisionsÊinclude which varieties of product to sell, as well as whether to create new products or to discontinue existing products.

What are some typical business strategies?

For merchandising businesses, when a business wants to enter an existing market with a new product, the appropriate strategy is called "product development", and when there is an existing product, the strategy is called "market penetration". When a business wants to create a new market with a new product, the strategy is called "diversification", and when a company wants to introduce an existing product onto a new market, the strategy is called "market development".

What are the objectives of advertising organization?

Hi, The objectives of Advertising Agencies is to educate the customer about the new or existing product. Launch the new product and help the company to reach more customer.

How is a product mix selected?

Product-mix decisions are concerned with the combination of product lines offered by the company. Basic product-mix decisions include: adding new lines to and deleting existing lines from the product mix; determining appropriate emphasis, etc.

Why is promoting a business important?

The promotion is vital in many organisation as it places the company and its product in view of old, existing and potential customers.

What do you legally have to have on food packaging?

You legally have the nutrition facts about the product.

Who is legally permitted to display the DVD logo on its products?

The company or individuals that are legally permitted to display DVD logo's and products are the people that own the rights by development or ownership of the product combined with the logo.

What is the purpose of the company Ligne Roset?

Ligne Roset is a french modern furniture company. It has over 200 stores world wide. It produces upscale furniture using designers and textiles that are designed to enhance the product.

What kind of product is Breast Gain by Natureday?

The product Breast Gain by Nature Day is designed to help enhance the female bust size. While the company claims the product is all-natural, studies have shown little positive effects in terms of enlargement for women.

What are the types of competition faced by a company?

Some of the types of competition faced by a company include similar services or goods produced by a rival company. Another type of competition arises where a very different product or service threatens to nullify the need for a company's existing product. For example, cellphones reduced the need to have pagers.

Is it legal to make something similar but not the same as another company's product?

By "legal" you are probably asking whether another company can sue you ofr patent or copyright infringement. It is seldom a criminal offense to manufacture a product similar to an existing product.It depends on how similar the new product is to the original, whether you incorporate any characteristics of the other product that the original company has patented, and whether you use any processes in the production that are patented. Quite a number of companies have been sued for creating products that duplicate the "look and feel" of an existing product. You also have to watch out for copyright and trademark infringement.

What is the difference between product and project?

A Software project is based on single client's request. Product is generic for any/ relevant client's request.Project can give solution for one particular problem existing on particular company.Product is solution for the problem exists in the industry, can be customizable to any companyThanks,Raji.TA product is the end product.A project is a game plan how to make sure the product goes from a concept to a reality.

The concept of repricing life insurance policy?

Re-pricing focuses on the rate revision, there is no change in existing benefit structure of the product. The rate revision is necessitated due to several reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows ü When the insurance company feels that the product is not sold as expected then the insurance company will revise the rate to sell the product. ü When the insurance company feels that the product does not give profit as expected then the insurance company will revise the rate to earn profit. ü When the insurance company feels that the product has more demand then the insurance company will revise the rate to meet the demand. ü When the insurance regulatory authority asks the insurance company to revise the premium then the insurance company will reduce the rate.

What is the Product line of lg company?

what is product line of LG company

Product design just restyling of existing products?


What are the existing industry related to cooking meal products?

what are the existing industry related to cooking meal product

Is symphony services is an IT product company or service company?

Service company. Offshore product development sector

When was Product Engineering Company created?

Product Engineering Company was created in 1939.

Where to find a me-too product?

Any product that is produced identical to an already existing competitors product. A company might decide to opt for its production after observing its competitors sucess from their product. These could include soap bars, hair creams/conditioners, food items, certain type of diet products, etc.

For a sales person what can be called a new sale?

"New Sale" is a sale to a customer who is introduced newly to the company or person who sells the product. Sales to existing customers are "repeat sales".