Are two people soulmates when they catch each other staring into one's eyes twice but the female smiles and he doesn't and they both say nothing?

No. it takes more that glancing into each other eyes to become soul mates. What you are describing is commonly called "bedroom eyes" Most of the time this is a good thing but "it can be used for evil." Bedroom eyes are an acknowledge of interest and one or both parties must say or do something to strike up a conversation and then let nature take its course. No, not necessarily so; there are other factors. I knew my wife was the right one for me after one week, I felt like asking her to marry me after only 4 days, but waited a few days to be sure. I never wanted to get married to any woman I ever met before I met her. I dated a woman previous to meeting my wife for 3 1/2 years and I never entertained the thought of marrying her. I had previously dated more than 60 women; not all of which was I sexually involved. My wife and I have been married since 1994. At least for a certain type of man, they can know in just a short time that the one they are with is the right one. My uncle was driving down the road and saw a woman walking with friends next to the road; he knew immediately he was going to marry her. And they have been devoted to one another for the past 40+ years. Test this for yourself, go ask the men who you see with their wives that are at least 60 years old and visibly happy about being with their wife. Ask them how long it was from the time they met to the time he asked her to marry. Almost without exception, people who have been happily married for 40+ years knew immediately that they were compatible, and for him that they were made for each other. In most cases, elderly happily married men asked their wives to marry them within a couple of weeks, and often hours! So yes, for some men, they will know, but it's not just about the eyes. However, women don't seem to catch on so quickly. Their motivations are justifiably more material. Unless a woman has and continues to provide for herself financially as a man generally does, she needs to be concerned about her financial future; so instinctively women rarely identify their soulmate. And before women pounce upon me for that last statement, I know there are a lot of deadbeat men out there that have no ambition and rely upon their wives for support. So it is a two-way street. Imagine a potential mate as your mate, will they: * have a long term commitment to you * continue to date others * continue to develop new opportunities for the family * live within a status that you are comfortable * support your children even if divorced * care for your children ethically and lovingly * treat you ethically and lovingly * live a long life free of disease
(smokers, alcoholics, and drug users die young and leave you alone) * ... If they fit neatly within your expectations, good, and do NOT EVER attempt to change them or manipulate them into something else! By this point in their life they are comfortable being the person that they ARE, and you neither have the right nor ability to attempt to change who they ARE. Find someone else if they are not the person you want!!!!!!!! If that is the case, you might discover your soulmate in other ways. How the Soul Works - A Physical Real World Relationship