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AnswerImitation vanilla is manufactured either from clove oil (eugenol) or as a breakdown product of lignin from a conifer (e.g., spruce, Picea).

Pure vanilla chemically has over 200 elemental chemicals that give it its taste and smell, and it is impossible to mimic this 100% today. The main compound that gives real vanilla its taste is called vanillin. Madagascan vanilla has 3 times as much vanillin concentration (and therefore taste) compared to its nearest competition the Mexican Bourbon variety, and this is why it has such a reputation.

Also, in order to meet FDA standards, pure vanilla extract must contain 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans per gallon during extraction and 35 percent alcohol.

Vanilla Extract is better than imitation vanilla for non-baked and cold desserts where heating does not take away the flavor, but imitation vanilla flavor is very similar when used in baked items.

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Q: Are vanilla extract and imitation vanilla flavoring the same?
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Would you use the same amount of vanilla extract as you would vanilla flavoring?

No, you would not use the same amount of vanilla extract as you would vanilla flavoring. Vanilla extract is pure and stronger than vanilla flavoring, so you would probably need two or three times the amount of flavoring as you would for the extract.

Is vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring the same?

No. Extract tends to have a stronger flavor since it is the vanilla bean soaked in alcohol. Flavoring may have other ingredients and will be less concentrated.

Is vanilla extract and vanilla imitation the same?

No. Vanilla extract is real vanilla and the extract means that vanilla bean is soaked in alcohol to extract the vanilla into the alcohol. Imitation vanilla is extracted from wood chips. BTW, vanilla is a fragrance rather than a flavor. It is a very elegant mental trick where you smell the vanilla and believe your tasting it. The vanilla bean is part of the Vanilla flower.

How much vanilla extract equals 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring?

the same. extract is natural. flavoring was created in a lab, has nothing to do with potency. always use the real stuff if you are going to the trouble of cooking from scratch.

Is vanilla essence the same as vanilla extract?

Vanilla essence and vanilla extract are not the same. Vanilla essence is artificial, and vanilla extract comes from pure vanilla.

Can you use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract?

You cannot use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract in a recipe. This is because vanilla essence is not the same things as vanilla extract.

If recipe calls for vanilla extract and only have pure vanilla can use it?

Yes. Vanilla extract & "Pure" Vanilla are generally the same.

Does vanilla extract and immitation vanilla taste the same?

They are mostly the same, except that immitation vanilla is usually put in pasta and pie, and the extract in cakes.

What is the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence?

Essence is defined as possessing the qualities of something in concentrated form and extract is a solution (as in alcohol) of essential constituents of a complex material. So according to this, strictly the extract should be natural and the essence may be a chemical imitation. But according to Wikipedia "An extract consists of a certain percentage of true essence, or its chemical imitation, in an alcoholic solution". So as a commercial product they may be the same.

Is vanilla extract the same as vanilla soda extract?

No. Vanilla soda extract will have other ingredients added to it (corn syrup, sugar/sweeteners, etc) vanilla extract generally only consists of vanilla beans, alcohol, and water.

Are vanilla extracts and vanilla the same thing?

In a recipe the terms vanilla and vanilla extract are generally used interchangeably

Do you use the same amount ALMOND extract as you would almond flavoring?

Yes, you use the same measurement of almond extract that you would of almond flavoring. (Although sometimes you may find that the flavoring is marginally stronger than the extract, in which case you may want to add slighlty more extract. However it's personal taste, really).

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