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Are women telling the truth if they say their guys worship the ground they walk on?

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When you tell the truth to women and they don't believe you what should you tell them?

If they don't believe you then try telling them in a more simple way and then if that doesn't work then tell them that you are telling the truth.

If a women says you big and tell her friend is she telling the truth?

Do you well endowed? If that's what you mean then yes she is telling the truth because she has no reason to lie to your friends about the size of YOUR dick

Do you consider a man who fixates on other women a cheater?

He does not respect you. If he says he does his lips are lying, his actions are telling the truth.

Why do woman expect the men to know everything and then when you give an answer they get mad?

Because women don't like answers which are not from the heart. If you are telling the truth, it will take sometime, but she will understand!

Can mortal worship Poseidon?

Yes, mortal men and women can worship Poseidon.

Where do Muslim women worship?

Muslim women are preferably pray at home.

Why is Mary warren afraid of telling the truth about Abigail for herself and for john?

Mary Warren is worried what will happen to her if she testifies against Abigail, since Abigail has such a hold on all the women

Do Jews separate for worship?

Religious Jews worship with separate areas for men and women.

When you tell the truth to women they dont believe me what should you tell them?

This is a very hard question to answer. There are many reasons why women would not beleive the truth, most of the time it is because of the lack of self confidence. Other times it can be trust issues. the most important thing you can do is to stay calm even if she makes you angry, try to prove that you are telling the truth without seeming too defensive. good luck!

Did Robert Plant remarry after divorcing Maureen?

No he did not remarry. He jokingly refers to women as his "wives".. because I believe he just got tired of telling the truth when no one would listen. ~Celeste

What are the release dates for The Truth About Women - 1924?

The Truth About Women - 1924 was released on: USA: 1 July 1924

Do Muslim women worship in the mosque?

Yes, they worship in Mosques but in separate lines or space areas

What do you do if your women is unaffectionate?

you can start by telling her how you feel...

Why do women let other women worship their feet?

Not all of them do. But if they do then it means they have a foot fetish.

Do women tell the truth?

Some women are always truthful and others are not.

What are the differences in how Muslim men and women worship?

No difference.

How did Sojourner Truth affect your lives today?

Well not only was Truth a women but she was an African American women who stood up for the rites of women and blacks around the u.s . if it were'nt for truth there may have been still slavery and no women's rights.

How does a Christian woman worship God?

Christian women can worship God by singing praises to His name or about Him. A woman may also worship God by reading the bible verses of worship and praise .

How can man be married to 2 women at the same timei married this man 2 weeks ago this woman is calling me telling me shes married to him how do i find out if this the truth or not before i ask him?

How bout this I'll pray for you

Where do Hindus worship and when?

Hindus worship in a temple, and men have to go every Saturday, but women can go whenever they want.

How do women Muslims worship?

Muslim women worship in exactly the same ways as men do, although men are required to offer their five daily prayers in the mosque, while women have the option of praying it at home. Muslim women worship in exactly the same ways as men do, although men are required to offer their five daily prayers in the mosque, while women have the option of praying it at home.

Why would women become nuns?

women would become nuns to worship god and jesus.

Who is the superhero with the lasso of truth?

wonder women

What religions separate men from women?

Judaism and Islam separate men from women in ritual worship but not in the workplace.

What did Sojourner Truth stand up for?

For women rights and slavery For women rights and slavery