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How do you know you need a new transmission?

If your tranny is already goin bad id go have a little fun with it, what are you gonna break if its already bad. I wouldn't worry about anything happening to the engine or anything like that

If your tranny is going.. get it checked asap. Ours was acting funny before it went but we drove it anyways. We ended up cracking the case, in which cost us approx. $ 800.00 more than if it hadn't been cracked. Not too mention, it took almost a month before a second hand one was available.

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Q: Are you able to drive your car if you need a new transmission?
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What can a transmission repair do for you?

A transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. If your transmission needs to be repaired, you need to have this done in order to drive your car.

When you put your car in reverse it does not change into gear for 10 seconds When you drive in gear it is fine?

You need to seek help immediately from a transmission professional. If you continue to drive the car with this problem you may do serious damage to the transmission.

Car will reverse but not drive?

transmission is gone.

Can you shift an automatic transmission from over drive to drive while the car is moving?

Yes, well I can do it on my car

Why when my car is running it will not move when in Drive?

Transmission. Get out your checkbook.

Car goes reverse but not drive?

Get new transmission

What does D mean in a car with an automatic transmission?


Car will move in reverse but not drive?

bad transmission

Can you drive your car if the car is jerking?

no because your car can die or the transmission might slip. you can have a clogged Fuel Injectors , your fuel filter can be dirty and need to be replaced. In so rare cases if your car is jerking to hard it can resulted in a bad transmission.

What is the Purpose of over drive in car?

When you drive in a mountain area and there are a lot of times when you have to go uphill or downhill. The transmission will try to change the gear. To prevent that you have to use over drive which can save your transmission. In normal conditions you do need to use the over drive mode.

Should you drive your car if the transmission fluid is puring out?

no u will burn your transmission up

How do you drive an auto transmission car? brake 2. put car in "D" 3. Drive

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