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Probably. You need to see a professional.

AnswerProbably, it depends on your reason for eating this small amount. if it is bcos u feel horrid after u eat (i mean to the extremes; hours of crying and feeling lyk sh*t) and stuff like that-probably, please get help. or if it is cos there is nuthin else to eat or u think it is a diet-then no it isn't, but still eat more. it just isn't healthy.
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Q: Are you anorexic if you only eat one bowl of cereal and a snack a day?
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How much calories is in a 45g bowl of special k cereal?

Serving size is 29g (3/4 cup) Calories - 100 cereal only

How can you be skinny in a week?

It is physically impossible. You can lose only up to 5 pounds in one week. Just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a bowl of cereal for lunch, and a sensible dinner. Be sure to add 2 snacks, as well.

Can you be too skinny?

Only if you're anorexic.

Are only smart people anorexia?

No, anyone can be anorexic.

Why do men only like skinny or anorexic women?


How can you control anorexic people?

You can't. You can only get them the help they need.

Do boys only like anorexic girls?

probably yes

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Are you anorexic if you only eat tea at the end of the day?

Anorexia is based on weight, not what you eat. But if you continue ONLY eating tea all day you probably will loose enough weight to be considered anorexic.

What cereal starts with the letter U?

There is a cereal starting with the letter U its : Urkel•os Its the only cereal i know starting with U, sorry

Are grape nuts cereal available in Australia?

Grape nuts cereal is an American cereal. the only place you can get it from in Australia is from USA foods and its expensive.

Are you anorexic if you eat one meal a day?

You're only anorexic ifyou have a morbid fear of becoming fatterfeel that you are fat even when your weight is below normal

Is Zayn Malik anorexic?

No, Zayn Malik from One Direction is not anorexic its his religion (Muslim) That he only eats Bread and Drinks Water by the end of a month. He is totally fine :)

What you eat your cereal with?

You must eat cereal with a spoon; it's the only utensil suitable for this type of food.

Do you tell people that you are anorexic when you are?

Only if you want to and should also consult a doctor.

Will you become anorexic from eat fruits and veggies only I am Just wondering im tryin to chang my eatin habit but i was wounder if you could become anorexic from only eating fruit and veggs thanks?

No, being anorexic is not a diet it's an illness. It's when you stop eating because you believe your fat. I hope this answers your question.

Would you get skinny if you only ate cereal?

It is possible to get skinny if you only ate cereal. It would depend upon how much cereal you ate. You also do not want to do this for too long of a period of time because you need other nutrients.

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She was anorexic and her neck was aged.

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yes,it have but it contains only some

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only a cereal

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Birds eat cereal, but only in pieces, like only a few honey nut cheerioes, or just a few lucky charms. Not a whole lot.

Does the Angus snack wrap have pork in it?

only the one with bacon

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